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  1. Where we're most of the Children of the Childrens Crusade from?
  2. Political Results
  3. What did Richard I do after the Crusade?
  4. What appended to the Crusaders who attacked Zadar?
  5. The only successful crusade
  1. a The first
  2. b The power of the European kings got stronger because since a lot of knights died, the kings took their land and therefore, directly owned more of the kingdom. This helped bring an end to feudalism. The Christian Church also became stronger because the Popes took on more Importance
  3. c France and Germany
  4. d they were excommunicated by Inncocent because Zadar was a Christian city
  5. e Richard remained in the Holy Land but couldn't capture Jerusalem. He made a truce with Saladin

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  1. The children had no training, equipment, or supplies
  2. Italian cities became major trading centers. Since Italian ships carried Crusaders, they returned to Italy with food from Asia.
  3. The Muslims captured the city of Acre which was the last Christian city in the Holy Land
  4. After quarreling with Richard, he went back to England and seized parts of France
  5. The Crusaders could control some towns along the Palestinian coast and Christians could enter Jerusalem freely

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  1. The Second CrusadeBy 1146, the Turks started to gain back land little by little and the 2nd Crusade started in 1147. King Louis VII and Conrad III led armies across Europe but failed to recapture Damascus and returned to Europe in 1149


  2. What happened to the children of the children's crusade?If they didn't die on the way there, some were sent home by the Pope. Others made it to Southern France and were tricked into boarding ships where they were sold into slavery


  3. Results of the First crusadeEuropeans gained much of the Holy Land; they set up feudalism; the Christians and Muslims lived alongside eachother


  4. CrusadesMarked with a cross


  5. Weapon ResultsThe Europeans learned New ways to wage war. They could undermine walls, learned about catapults, and learned about gunpowder from the Muslims and Byzantines