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  1. Seljuq Turks
  2. Crusades
  3. How did the Crusades end?
  4. What were some problems with the Children's Crusade?
  5. Results of the First crusade
  1. a Europeans gained much of the Holy Land; they set up feudalism; the Christians and Muslims lived alongside eachother
  2. b A series of military expeditions to regain the
    Holy Land
  3. c The Muslims captured the city of Acre which was the last Christian city in the Holy Land
  4. d The children had no training, equipment, or supplies
  5. e Muslim people from Central Asia, gained control of Palestine, threatened Constantinople and the Byzantine Empire

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  1. ThBecause Zadar was a rival port to the Venetians who persuaded the Crusaders to attack it. They succeeded.
  2. 1212
  3. Drowned on the way to the Holy Land and his army turned back
  4. 1096-1099; French and Italian Lords; captured Antioch and Jerusalem; killed all of the Jews and Muslims
  5. Marked with a cross

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  1. Political ResultsThe Westerners gained knowledge from the Byzantines and the Muslims. These ideas helped to enrich European culture.


  2. Reasons to join the CrusadesSave their souls and go straight to heaven; gain land and wealth in Palestine and Asia


  3. The Third CrusadeMain players: Pope Innocent III, French knights. In 1204 the Crusaders attacked Constantiniple. The city stayed under Western control for 60 years but was regained by the Byzantines. The Turks took Constantinople in 1453.


  4. What did Phillip II do after the Crusade?After quarreling with Richard, he went back to England and seized parts of France


  5. The only successful crusadeBy 1146, the Turks started to gain back land little by little and the 2nd Crusade started in 1147. King Louis VII and Conrad III led armies across Europe but failed to recapture Damascus and returned to Europe in 1149