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  1. 10th Amendment
  2. How long do Justices stay in office?
  3. 9th Amendment
  4. What does the Legislative branch do?
  5. Judicial Branch
  1. a Supreme Court
  2. b people have other rights not listed in Constitution
  3. c government can only do things listed in Constitution (reserved powers belong to states or people)
  4. d for life
  5. e a. makes laws
    b. raises army/navy
    c. delares war
    d. controls commerce

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  1. 3 branches of government
    a. Legislative Branch
    b. Executive Branch
    c. Judicial Branch
  2. amendments
  3. Must be at least 35, born in U.S., and live in U.S. for previous 14 years
  4. a. House of Representatives
    b. Senate
  5. divided Congress into two houses

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  1. George Washington set upState, Treasury and War Departments
    - Heads made up Cabinet to advise President


  2. Goal of Convention:George Washington


  3. George Washington wasthe first president to be unanimously voted into office


  4. Who can remove or impeach the President from office?the Electoral College


  5. Why do all 3 branches need to work together?Henry Knox