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  1. Legislative Branch
  2. Justices have the power to strike down what?
  3. House of Representatives
  4. 1st Amendment:
  5. Great Compromise
  1. a number of reps. based on population
  2. b Congress
  3. c any law that goes against the Constitution
  4. d protects freedom of religion, speech, press, right to petition the government and to assemble
  5. e divided Congress into two houses

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  1. because Hamilton thought should have a stronger central government and Jefferson wanted less
  2. each state has 2 reps
  3. George Washington/John Adams
  4. protect against excessive bail, cruel and unusual punishment
  5. government can't force people to house soldiers in peace time

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  1. How many terms does the President serve?4 years


  2. Amendment ___ says all females over ____ an vote19/21


  3. Virginia Planwritten by Gouverneur Morris


  4. Preamblewritten by Gouverneur Morris


  5. Judicial BranchSupreme Court