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  1. How must Justices apply laws to every person?
  2. Shays's Rebellion made some think...
  3. A proposal to change or ammend the constitution needs what in Congress?
  4. Who was the Attorney General?
  5. What does the Executive Branch do?
  1. a Edmund Randolph
  2. b 2/3 vote or by national convention called by 2/3 of states and approved by Congress
  3. c equally
  4. d the national government couldn't keep order or protect them
  5. e Enforces laws, can veto bills passed by Congress, Commander-in-chief of military

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  1. amendments
  2. right to speedy and public trials, know charges against them, etc.
  3. Henry Knox
  4. throwing Articles of Confederation out and writing new plan
  5. for every 5 slaves, 3 counted as citizens

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  1. 7th Amendmentright to trial by jury


  2. Who was the Secretary of Treasury?Alexander Hamilton


  3. Checks and Balanceskeeps any one branch from becoming too powerful or misusing its authority


  4. Amendment ___ says all males over ____ an vote19/21


  5. How many terms does the President serve?4 years