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  1. 7th Amendment
  2. Federalists
  3. Separation of Powers
  4. 10th Amendment
  5. Randolph suggested
  1. a throwing Articles of Confederation out and writing new plan
  2. b 3 branches of government
    a. Legislative Branch
    b. Executive Branch
    c. Judicial Branch
  3. c government can only do things listed in Constitution (reserved powers belong to states or people)
  4. d right to trial by jury
  5. e a. favored Constitution
    b. wanted strong central government

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  1. government gets power from people
  2. right to speedy and public trials, know charges against them, etc.
  3. equally
  4. 26/18
  5. President

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  1. What can be added to change the constitution?amendments


  2. Goal of Convention:government gets power from people


  3. Shays's Rebellion made some think...the national government couldn't keep order or protect them


  4. Great Compromisedivided Congress into two houses


  5. 2nd Amendmentgovernment can't force people to house soldiers in peace time