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  1. 10th Amendment
  2. How many states need to approve an amendment?
  3. Who was the Secretary of War?
  4. Amendment ___ says all females over ____ an vote
  5. 6th Amendment
  1. a right to speedy and public trials, know charges against them, etc.
  2. b 3/4
  3. c government can only do things listed in Constitution (reserved powers belong to states or people)
  4. d 19/21
  5. e Henry Knox

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  1. number of reps. based on population
  2. protects people's rights to have weapons
  3. central and state governments share powers
  4. government gets power from people
  5. justices; the senate approves them

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  1. 5th Amendmentright to trial by jury


  2. Anti Federalistsdisagreed with Federalists


  3. Who can remove or impeach the President from office?Congress


  4. Legislative Branch is made up of...a. House of Representatives
    b. Senate


  5. Justices have the power to strike down what?any law that goes against the Constitution


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