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  1. Checks and Balances
  2. 6th Amendment
  3. Legislative Branch is made up of...
  4. How long do Justices stay in office?
  5. Who can remove or impeach the President from office?
  1. a a. House of Representatives
    b. Senate
  2. b for life
  3. c right to speedy and public trials, know charges against them, etc.
  4. d Congress
  5. e keeps any one branch from becoming too powerful or misusing its authority

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  1. George Washington
  2. amendments
  3. equally
  4. George Washington/John Adams
  5. protects people's right to grand jury, can't be tried twice for same crime, can't be forced to speak against themselves, etc.

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  1. Who does the President nominate? Who approves them?justices; the senate approves them


  2. The U.S. Capital was move where?Washington, D.C.


  3. 4th Amendmentprotects people against unfair searches


  4. Amendment ___ says the voting age is_____26/18


  5. 7th Amendmentright to trial by jury