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  1. Checks and Balances
  2. Who was Secretary of State?
  3. Who was the first President and Vice President of the United States?
  4. What were the two houses?
  5. Democracy
  1. a George Washington/John Adams
  2. b people rule
  3. c Thomas Jefferson
  4. d keeps any one branch from becoming too powerful or misusing its authority
  5. e House of Representatives and Senate

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  1. every state has same number of representatives
  2. the Electoral College
  3. to get things done
  4. 19/21
  5. the first president to be unanimously voted into office

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  1. 2nd Amendmentprotects people's rights to have weapons


  2. Anti Federalistsdisagreed with Federalists


  3. Bill of Rights added by 1791 tonumber of reps. based on population


  4. Judicial BranchPresident


  5. What does the Legislative branch do?a. makes laws
    b. raises army/navy
    c. delares war
    d. controls commerce