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PSYC Exam 3

more likely to be emotionally expressive and less likely to be punctual.
Compared with northern Europeans, people from Mediterranean cultures are
transmit culture
The fact that human beings will copy elaborate procedures they see others performs even when those procedures have no practical function helps explain how humans
social obligations
Humanistic psychologists would most likely be criticized for underestimating the value of
young adulthood
According to Erikson, the formation of intimate, loving relationships is the special task of
During which of Piaget's stages does a person develop an awareness that things continue to exist even when they are not perceived?
natural selection
Evolutionary psychology assumes that at least some complex human behaviors are coded in our genes and that at if these behaviors contribute to our reproductive success, they will be passed on to offspring. This principle is known as
8; 3
Gardener identified ____ types of intelligence, while Sternberg identified _____.
social cues; personality
On a job interview our behavior is likely guided by ___________________, but when we're hanging out with friends, our behavior is likely guided by ______________________.
Infant novelty preferences have been discovered by assessing infants'
Melissa is unconsciously fearful that her husband is a better cook than she. Recently, she refused his offer to prepare dinner because, she said it would be a better use of his time if he played with the kids. Melissa's comment best illustrates
positive emotions with less intensity and negative emotions with less intensity.
Compared with middle-aged adults, older adults experience
can communicate through symbols
Research on the language capabilities of apes clearly demonstrates that they
reliable but not valid
A researcher develops a test to measure math ability. Every time a participant takes the test, her score is about the same. However, all of the questions on the test are about geography. This test is
stereotype threat
Jim, age 55, plays basketball with much younger adults and is concerned that his teammates might consider his age to be a detriment to their game outcome. His concern actually undermines his athletic performance. This best illustrates the impact of