8th Grade Final

What is suffrage?
The right to vote
What is majority?
Number equal to more than one-half
What are Whigs?
Members of John Quincy Adams;s former National Republican party
What are Democrats?
Supporters of Andrew Jackson; included frontier farmers and factory workers.
What is a caucus?
Private meeting during which powerful party members pick candidates
What is a nominating convention?
Meeting of delegates from all states to choose a party's candidates
What is a spoils system?
Practice of rewarding supporters with government jobs
What is a "Kitchen Cabinet?"
Group of unofficial presidential advisers
What is nullification?
Act of canceling a law
What is depression?
Period of declining business profits and lost jobs
What is mudslinging?
Use of insults to attack an opponent's reputation
What is discrimination?
Policy or attitude that denies rights to a group of people
What is famine?
Severe shortage of food
What is black code?
Law severely limiting rights of freedmen
What is strike?
Refusal to work as a protest against specific conditions
What is the Women's Rights Movement?
Campaign for equal rights stemming from the Seneca Falls Convention
What is social reform?
Organized attempt to improve what is unjust in society
What is abolitionist movement?
Campaign to end slavery
What is temperance movement?
Campaign against alcohol abuse
What is segregation?
Legal separation of races
What is a poll tax?
Fee paid to vote
What is civil war?
War between people of the same country
What is amnesty?
Government pardon
Why did President Jackson disapprove the United States Bank?
He thought it was too powerful.
Why President Andrew Jackson called "King Andrew?"
He wanted to expand the presidential powers.
What development immediately followed the Texan victory at the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836?
Texas became an independent republic.
What occurred in California in the 1850's as a result of the gold rush?
Many forty-niners became farmers or found jobs, San Francisco became a thriving city, and self-appointed law enforcers dealt with criminals.
What Mexican law was adopted by the American settlers in the Southwest?
Husbands and wives could own property jointly.
How was Texas admitted into the Union?
Congress passed a joint resolution accepting the annexation treaty.
In the 1850's, what linked towns and cities together to help boost the northern economy?
New railroads
What were factory conditions like in the 1840's?
Laborers worked long hours for lower wages, factories used steam-powered machines, and factory owners hired entire families.
List the groups that classified white southerners; beginning with the poorest.
Poor white, small farmers, and the Cottonocracy
Which group made up about 75% of the southerner white population?
Small farmers
How did the belief in Manifest Destiny contribute to the westward expansion of the United States?
Americans believed expansion would offer new economic opportunities.
Who were the resolutions of the Seneca Falls Convention suppose to educate?
The whole society
Why did southerners who didn't own slaves defend slavery?
The southern economy had become dependent on cotton plantations.
What led to the violence in Kansas in 1855?
The rivalry between proslavery and antislavery settlers.
What historical significance is Fort Sumter, South Carolina?
Confederate forces fired the first shots of the Civil War there.
What did early Civil War battles show?
The need for well-trained soldiers.
How did African Americans in the Union Army contribute to the war effort?
The fought alongside white soldiers from the beginning.
Who was the President of the Confederacy during the Civil War?
Jefferson Davis
Why did southern states agree to ratify the 13th Amendment?
Ratification of the amendment helped their states win presidential approval to rejoin the Union.
Which of the following was a result of southern Conservative resistance to Reconstruction?
Violence toward African Americans increased.
Which of the following early Reconstruction measures directly contributed to the education of former slaves?
The Freedman's Bureau