Vocab Cards

Study Hard and enjoy these cards!
Meticulously: (adv)
Definition: in a way that shows precision and great attention to detail
Examples: Woodworking, music, schoolwork, art
Concession: (noun)
Definitions: an act of compromise
Examples: in an arguement
Trigger: Concede-->succeed-->you must concede in a debate to succeed
Testily: (adv)
Definition: impatiently or in a manner that shows annoyance
Examples: waiting in a line, waiting to go to the movies
Trigger: Test someone's patience
Raucous: (adj)
Definition: loud and harsh or unpleasant-sounding
Examples: crows, fingernails against a black board, a fire alarm, a fire truck, violin
Trigger: Think of Ms. Chan's voice in class
Morosely: (adv)
Definition: in a gloomy or withdrawn way
Examples: funereal
Disdainfully: (adv)
Definition: in a way that shows extreme disrespect or disgust from something or somebody
Examples: opposite teammates, whites and the African Americans
Trigger: the handkerchief
Sheepishly: (adv)
Definition: in a way that shows meekness or an awkward embarrassment
Examples: when a guy asks out a girl, first day of school, when a bathing suit falls off in a pool
Trigger: after the sheep is shaved it feels naked (SHY)
Quizzically: (adv)
Quizzically: (adv)
Definition: in a way that expresses a question, puzzlement, or doubt
Examples: confused about a question
Trigger: two Z's (quiz..., puzz.....)
Dubious: (adj)
Definition: doubtful or uncertain
Examples: when you are picked and you don't know the answer
Penchant: (noun)
Definition: a strong taste for or liking for
Examples: a vampireblood, a pregnant lady with cravings (pickles and ice cream)
Trigger: (Pen and Chant) Chant for pens
Temerity: (noun)
Definition: recklessness (foolish disregard of danger)
Examples: ski diving, when you try to break out of jail
Indignant: (noun)
Definition: angry due to an injustice
Examples: being sent to jail for not doing anything
Trigger: IN-->injustice
Imperiously: (adv)
Definition: in an arrogant or condescending way
Example: King, queen
Trigger: Imperiously (imperial/royal), emperor
Formidable: (adj)
Definition: inspiring respect or wonder because of size, strength, or ability
Example: Mr. Morrison, Mr. Granger, chess opponent
Trigger: form (size, strength, ability)
Resiliency: (noun)
Definition: the ability to bounce back or recover quickly form setbacks
Example: when you do badly on a test but the next test you ace it
Flippantly: (adv)
Definition: in a way that shows a lack of respect or seriousness that is thought appropriate
Example: fooling around at a funeral
Trigger: Flip-->fresh
Gingerly: (adv)
Definition: in a very cautious or wary way-->with great care
Example: holding something fragile, when holding a bomb and don't know which wire to cut
Ventured: (v)
Definition: to dare or try with the risk of being rejected
Example: applying to college, proposing
Disgruntled: (adj)
Definition: dissatisfied and resentful-->discontent, angry
Example: costumers are often angry with order,
Haggard: (adj)
Definition: tired or anxious-looking
Example: crammed for a test
Trigger: Hag
Listlessly: (adv)
Definition: in a way that shows a lack of interest or energy; unwillingly
Example: in class, boring speech
Precariously: (adv)
Definition: in a way that is dangerously unstable; unsteadily
Example: on a ledge
Feigned: (adj)
Definition: pretended; fake
Example: act sick over phone
Aloof: (adj)
Definition: uninvolved or distanced from people; unwillingly to become involved with other people, often out of a sense of superiority to them
Example: Dennis stayed aloof in the corner at his high school reunion waiting for his minions to swarm him
Trigger: aloft-->higher
Discreetly: (adv)
Definition: in a way that shows good judgment when acting or speaking, esp. w/ regard to respecting privacy or maintaining silence about delicate issues
Example: pregnancy, marriage, politics, addiction
Trigger: when you move over an e in discreetly-->looks like secret
Haughtily: (adv)
Definition: in an arrogant, superior, or condescending way
Example: The team haughtily bragged about winning the game.
Faltered: (v)
Definition: to hesitate
Example: faltered about going into the water with the sharks.
Subdued: (adj)
Definition: quiet and restrained
Example: the pilot who claimed there was a bomb on the plane
Trigger: subunderunder your feelings
Reverently: (adj)
Definition: in a way that shows deep and solemn respect or awe
Example: idols, Gods, role models, elders
Trigger: reverend-->priest
Languidly: (adj)
Definition: in a slow or relaxed way
Example: when you wake up in the morning, on a vacation at the beach
Goad: (v)
Definition: provoke or annoy into showing some action or reaction
Example: trying to get your siblings mad, trying to
Trigger: Go in Goad action, provoked
Candidly: (adj)
Definition: truthfully, honestly, straight forwardly
Example: in court, when being questioned by a cop
Insolently: (adv)
Definition: in a rude and disrespectful way
Example: a boot camp, a bully
Condone: (v)
Definition: to accept and allow behavior to continue
Example: a bad teacher
• Haughtily, imperiously, and disdainfully have a similar definition
• Subdued and feigned are adjectives !NOT VERBS!