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Cardiovascular System Med Terminolgy Chap 10

In _____ circulation, the blood traveling away from the heart first passes through the aorta on the _____ side of the heart.
systemic, left
Whis is a combining form for a vessel that carries blood away from the heart?
Which is a combining form for a vessel that carries blood toward the heart?
The tissue walls between the chambers of the heart are:
A combining form for an upper chamber of the heart is:
The ______ supply blood solely to the heart muscle.
coronary arteries
Deoxygenated blood travels to the lungs through the:
pulmonary arteries
Oxygenated blood leaves the heart through the _____ and returns to the heart through the _____.
aorta, venae cavae
The site of exchange between the cells' fluids and the plasma of the circulatory system is at the:
A synonym for the bicuspid valve is:
mitral valve
The inner lining of the heart is the:
_____ have one-way valves to prevent a backflow of blood.
The amount of blood expelled from the left ventricle compared with the total volume filling the ventricle is called:
stroke volume
Lack of oxygen in the blood that is seen as a bluish or grayish discoloration of the skin, nail beds, and/or lips:
A varicose condition of the external or internal rectal veins is:
An idiopathic disease of the peripheral vascular system that causes intermittent cyanosis and/or erythema of the distal ends of the fingers and/or toes is:
raynaud disease
Inflammation of either deep or superficial veins with the formation of one or more blood clots is:
A disease in which the arterial walls become thickened and lose their elasticity, without the presence of atheromas, is
Cramplike pains in the calves caused by poor circulation in the leg muscles are:
Backflow of blood from the left ventricle into the left atrium in systole across a diseased valve is called:
mitral regurgitation
Localized dilation of an artery caused by a congenital or acquired weakness in the wall of a vessel is:
A progressive disorder of the ventricles of the heart is:
Cardiac tissue death that occurs when a coronary artery is occluded is:
myocardial infarction
Paroxysmal chest pain often accompanied by shortness of breath and a sensation of impending doom is:
angina pectoris
The most common type of cardiac arrhythmia, a series of extremely rapid and irregular atrial contractions, is called:
atrial fibrillation
Any abnormality of the sinus node is referred to as:
sick sinus syndrome
Rapid, regular atrial rhythm is:
atrial flutter
The E in ECC stands for:
The contractive phase of the heartbeat is:
The relaxation phase of the heartbeat is:
A physical examination technique of tapping and listening to internal body sounds is abbreviated:
The diagnostic imaging of the heart during exercise on a treadmill, with the use
of radioactive thallium or technetium sestamibi is abbreviated:
Exercise stress test
The diagnostic imaging procedure that images a beating heart by tagging red blood cells with a radioactive substance is:
multiple-gated acquisition (MUGA) scan
What is the name of the catheter used to evaluate left ventricular function?
Swan-Ganz catheter
Which of the following procedures uses heat to destroy varicose veins?
endovenous laser ablation
Which instrument allows intravenous access for delivery of chemotherapy, antibiotics, IV fluids, and feeding for a prolonged time?
peripherally inserted cener catheter (PICC)
A sphygmomanometer measures:
blood pressure
What is the use of ultrasonic waves directed through the heart to study its structure and motion?
The use of radionuclides to diagnose CAD, valvular or congenital heart disease, and cardiomyopathy is:
myocardial perfusion imaging
A lipid profile measures _____ in the circulating blood.
cholesterol and triglycerides
What is an external or implantable device that provides an electric shock to the heart to restore a normal rhythm?
cardiac defibrillator
Open-heart surgery in which a piece of a blood vessel from another location is grafted onto one of the coronary arteries to reroute blood around a blockage is:
coronary artery bypass graft (CABG)