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Dates of the World: Section 2

600- 1450 CE
632 CE
Rise of Islam
732 CE
Battle of Taurs, keeps Islam out of Europe
1054 CE
Great Schism; first split in Christianity
1066 CE
William the Conquerer and Norman the Conquerer (unification of english govt.)
1095 CE
First crusade; Europe first contact with Arabs since Rome
1258 CE
End of Abbasid Calaphate; Tamerlane
1271- 1295 CE
Travels of Marco Polo; contact with China
1324 CE
Mansa Musa and the Kingdom of Mali (depresses the value of gold); Timbuktu becomes the intellectual center of the world
1325- 1349 CE
Travels of Ibn Battuta
1347-1348 CE
Bubonic plague in Europe
1433 CE
Last of Zeng He explorations, begins Ming isolation
c. 1450 CE
Collapse of Byzantine and of Great Zimbabwe in E. Africa; european printing press is created