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1453 CE

Rise of the Ottoman Empire; conquered Constantinople to become Istanbul

1488 CE

Dias rounds the Cape of Good Hope, begin maritime exploration

1492 CE

Columbus sailed on the first exploration

1502 CE

First slaves to the Americas (African)

1517 CE

Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation

1521 CE

Cortez conquers Aztecs

1533 CE

Pizarro conquers Incas (Kidnaps the Incan king for the gold and to get him to convert to Christianity)

1571 CE

Battle of Leoponto (Keeps the Ottoman Empire out of global trade)

1588 CE

Spanish Armada; end of Spanish but the beginning of the French empire

1600 CE

Unification of Japan and the beginning of the Tokugawa Shogunate

1607 CE

Jamestown was created as the first English colony

1618- 1648 CE

Thirty Years War in Europe about religion, ends with the Treaty of Westphalia

1683 CE

Ottomans lay siege to Vienna and lose, keeps the Ottomans and Islam out of Europe from the east

1689 CE

Glorious revolution; establishment of the English Bill of Rights

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