65 terms

Chapter 22

Russia wante to extend its control over the Ottoman province of ________.
The Crimean War was from _______ to ______.
The Crimean War began when (list the four countries) declared war on Russia.
(4)Ottoman Empire
________ was known as the "lady with the lamp" for her nursing efforts.
Flourence Nightingale
______ wrote a famous poem called The Charge of the Ligt Brigade.
Alfred Tennyson
After a long siege, the Russian fortress of ________ fell to the French and British forces.
The Crimean War ended with __________.
The Treaty of Paris
The Tanzimat lasted from ___________.
1839 to 1876
List four things that the Tanzimat did:
(1)religious toleration
(2)ended tax farming
(3)end corruption
(4)abolish torture
(5)economic reform
(6)use of councils
The Tanzimat failed due to what? (list two)
(1)resistance of local rulers
(2)resistance of the bureacracy
The ______ began to modernize the country and decided to enter WWI on the side of the central powers.
young turks
At the Congress of Vienna, the _________ or the _________ of Italy were disappointed in their attempts to unify the country.
Carbonari or charcoal burners
Count __________ was the prime minister of the Piedmont.
Camillo Cavour
Piedmont was known as _____.
Cavour wanted to promote what? (list three)
(1)free trade
(2)railroad construction .
(3)expanded credit
(4)agriculture improvement
France began a peace treaty at _____________.
In 1860 _______ conquered Sicily with his 1200 troops called the Red Shirts.
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Two Sicilies was known for its corruption under their ruler ______.
Francis II
Sardinia surrendered ______ and _____ to France for their help.
Cavour's troops moved south to meet Garibaldi's troops in _______.
Cavour and Garibaldi agreed that _________ would be the new king of a united Italy.
Victor Emmanuel II
A system of bribery:
Was the prime minister of Prussia and was known as the "Iron Chancellor"
Otto von Bismarck
List the three wars that were completed due to German unification:
(1)Danish (2)Seven Weeks (3)Franco-Prussian
The Seven Weeks war ended with a treaty at ________.
In Germany the upper house was the ________
the lower house was the ________.
Who was the king of Germany at the time?
William I
The Franco-Prussian war began when there was a vacancy on the throne of ______.
Prince Leopold was a member of the ___________ family.
The _______ family ruled Prussia.
The _______ family ruled Austria.
_______ objected to the families ruling Sapin and Prussia.
Bismarck used a chance to provoke war with France by making public the ________.
Ems Dispatch
France was defeated at ______.
The peace treaty (of France and Germany) was signed at _____.
Another name for title of emperor.
Napoleon III lost control of :
(1)Mexico (2)Italy (3)Germany
As a result of a treaty being signed at Frankford (for the Franco-Prussian War), a city government called the __________.
Paris Commune
After the Paris Commune was suppressed, a _______ was established.
third republic
______ was accused of passing secret military information to the Germans.
Alfred Dreyfus
Those who believed in Alfred Dreyfus' guilt include the (list three):
(2)catholic church
_______ wrote J'accuse.
Emile Zola
The Austrian empire was still:
(1)dynastic (2)absolutists (3)agrarian
The ________ changed the Austrian Empire into a dual monarchy.
Another name for a triple monarchy:
Many ethnic groups looked to ______ for help.
After Nicholas I died in Russia, his son _______ became czar.
Alexander II
Alexander II abolished serfdom with the ___________.
Emancipation Edict
Alexander II freed serfs in _____.
Another name for local legislative councils:
Alexander II introduced Western judicial principles into Russia (list three):
(1)trial by jury
(2)uniform procedures
(3)judicail independence
(4)legal equality
(5)impartial hearings
Allexander II was nicknamed the __________.
Tsar Liberator
_________ formed a revolutionary movement called Populism.
Alexander Herzen
A revolutinary movemet in which they sought a social revolution based on the peasants.
_______ were those who wanted to tear down existing Russian government and society and create a new Russia.
The name Nihilist means _______.
The __________ was dedicated to the overthrow of the czar through use of terrorism and assassination.
People's Will
Alexander II's son _________ was very repressive as a result and tried to end his father's reforms
Alexander III
Jews were killed in a series of massacres called _______.
Under prime minister ________ the Second Reform Bill was passed.
Benjamin Disralei
In 1868 ___________ was elected prime minister of Britain.
William Gladstone
Why is William Gladstone being elected as prime minister considered the culmination of classical british liberalism? (list four)
(1)secret ballot
(2)civil service
(3)government sponsored elementary schools
(4)religious requirements were dropped for university falculty
(5)banned the purchase of officers commissions
The biggest issue of the 1880s was _______ as nationalists sought to achieve home rule.
What does home rule mean?
Irish control of local government
The leader of home rule was _______.
Charles Parnell
________ split over the issue which limited reform.
Liberal Party