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Database Storage Structures


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Database Storage Structures
- Control files
- Online redo files
- Archived redo log files
- Rollback Segments
- Data files
- Table Spaces
- Others
Control Files
Files that track the physical components of a database
Online Redo Log Files
Files that store copies of changes made to database data
Archived Redo Log Files
Copies of redo log files that are archived to multiple locations
Data Files
Operating system files that store the data within the database
A special class of data files that are associated with the temporary tablespaces
Logical storage units that comprise the database
Initialization Parameter File
A file that is used on startup to determine the run-time properties and resources for the database
Password File
A file that authenticates administrative users with SYSDBA, SYSOPER, and SYSBACKUP privileges.
Backup Files
Files that are copies of the database in some form that can be used to recover the database if a failure causes loss of data.