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Biology: Photosynthesis

Which of the following are products of the light reactions of photosynthesis that are utilized in the Calvin Cycle?


Where does the Calvin Cycle take place?

Stroma of the chloroplast

Which of the events listed below occurs in the light reactions of photosynthesis

Light is absorbed and funneled to reaction-center chlorophyll a

As a research scientist, you measure the amount of ATP and NADPH consumed by the Calvin cycle in 1 hour. You find 30,000 molecules of ATP are consumed, but only 20,000 molecules of NADPH. Where did the extra ATP molecules come from?

Cyclic electron flow

Cyclic electron flow may be photoprotective (Protective to light-induced damage). Which of the following experiments could provide information on this phenomenon?

Use mutated organisms that can grow but that cannot carry out cyclic flow of electrons and compare their abilities to photosynthesize in different light intensities against those of wild-type organisms

In a cyanobacterium, the reactions that produce NADPH occur in

The light reactions alone

The reactions that produce molecular oxygen take place in

The light reactions alone

Where do the enzymatic reactions of the Calvin cycle take place?

Stroma of the chloroplast

What is the primary function of the Calvin cycle?

Synthesize simple sugars from carbon dioxide

In C3 photosynthesis, the reactions that require ATP take place in

The Calvin cycle alone

In a plant leaf, the reactions that produce NADH occur in

Neither the light reactions nor the Calvin cycle

The NADPH required for the Calvin cycle comes from

Reactions initiated in photosystem I

Reactions that require CO2 take place in

The Calvin cycle alone

Which of the following statements best represents the relationships between the light reactions and the Calvin cycle?

The light reactions provide ATP and NADPH to the Calvin cycle, and the cycle returns ADP, and NADP+ to the light reactions

Why are C4 plants able to photosynthesize with no apparent photorespiration?

They use PEP Caboxylase to initially fix CO2

Compared to C3 plants, C4 plants

Can continue to fix CO2 even at relatively low CO2 concentrations and high oxygen concentrations

What are the products of the light reactions that are subsequently used by the Calvin cycle?


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