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Cap 14 - Verbs Like Gustar

Me gusta(n)
I like / It pleases me
Me encanta(n)
I love
Me pone(n) nervioso/a
It makes me nervous
Me parece(n) aburrido(s)
I think it is boring
Me fastidia(n)
I hate
Me molesta(n)
It bothers me
Me cuesta(n)
I find it hard
Me da(n) miedo
I find it scary
Me parece(n) divertido(s)
I think it is fun
Me resulta(n) útil(es)
I find it useful
Express feelings, sensations, difficulties, or to evaluate activities
Uses of verbs like gustar
The thing, activity or person that refers to the sensation, feeling, difficulty or judgerment that you are expressing in the sentence
Subject of the sentence
Infinitive or Noun
Verbs like gustar can take a/an...
at the beginning of the sentence or after the verb
The infinitive or noun can be placed..
the verb is also singular
(i.e. Me gusta el libro)
If the noun is singular...
the verb is also plural
(i.e. Me gustan los libros)
If the noun is plural...
the verb is singular
(i.e. Me pone nervioso hacer ejercicios de gramática)
When the verb is used with an infinitive...