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  1. Theotokos
  2. mary's role in the incarnation
  3. salvation
  4. John's proglue
  5. Sanctifies
  1. a "Mother of God',"God bearer"; oldest title of mary
  2. b In the beginning was the word,and the word was with god, and the word was god
  3. c her yes to god made our salvation possible, shes the worthy vessel that bears the son of god our savior
  4. d to save
  5. e to be made holy, the process of becoming closer to God

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  1. the word became flesh
  2. sharing in the divine life of God with the Trinity through our Baptism, the Eucharist and other sacraments of the church
  3. yahweh=i am, adonai=kyrios=lord
  4. he is the human face of god, is the one and only mediator between humanity and god
  5. "God with us"

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  1. redeemera messenger, one who works in between


  2. Hypostatic unionthe union of Jesus' divine and human natures in 1 divine person


  3. Mediatora messenger, one who works in between


  4. Holy day of obligationa feast day in the liturgical year in which addition to sundays,catholics are obliged to participate in the eucharist


  5. jesus fufills the law"God with us"