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  1. the two natures of jesus
  2. Theotokos
  3. Incarnation
  4. the sacred heart of jesus
  5. Annunciation
  1. a devotion to the sacred heart is a reminder to us of the power and truth of the incarnation.
  2. b when the angel appears to mary that she will bear a son
  3. c the word became flesh
  4. d "Mother of God',"God bearer"; oldest title of mary
  5. e he is the human face of god, is the one and only mediator between humanity and god

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  1. anything about mary, study about mary
  2. a messenger, one who works in between
  3. to be made holy, the process of becoming closer to God
  4. referencing the second person of the trinity-jesus
  5. "God with us"

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  1. mary's role in the incarnationher yes to god made our salvation possible, shes the worthy vessel that bears the son of god our savior


  2. lordyahweh=i am, adonai=kyrios=lord


  3. John's progluereferencing the second person of the trinity-jesus


  4. Communionto save


  5. redeemera messenger, one who works in between