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Antidiuretic Hormone (ADH)

Singnals the kidneys to take back water from the nephons and return it to the bloodstream


the opening that feces passes through to the outside of the body


A green liquid that breaks down fats


A soupy mixture of digested food in the stomach after the mechanical and chemical digestion

Chemical Digestion

Digestion that includes large molecules broken down into nutrients


Causes kidneys to make more urine


the solid mass of indigestible material


Chemcal messangers in the body that helps balance your body fluid

Mechanical Digestion

the breaking, chrushing, and mashing of food


microscopic in the kidneys to remove various harmful substances from the body


Rythmetic Muscle action the forces food down the esophagus


Last section of the large intestine


liquid that contains an enzymes


the yellow fluid


fingerlike projections

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