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Apostolic succession

A line of priestly power and authority originating from Christ and handed down from the apostles to the present through their successors, the bishops.


it is a choice to "skip" the marriage of earth to devote oneself entirely to the marriage of heaven

Church Discipline

A practice or norm created by the Church that is firm and should be followed, but could be changed by the Church in the future. Examples are abstaining meant on Fridays during Lent, needing to be 16 years old to be a confirmation sponsor, and priestly celibacy. This is different than Church doctrine, which is unchanging

communion of saints

We already enjoy this communion here on earth with each other (the Church Militant). In spirit we are connected with those who have died and are still being purified in purgatory (the Church Suffering). In prayer, we have communion with the saints in heaven (the Church Triumphant), who intercede for us before God. In Resurrection, we will experience a fullness of communion as human members of the Church, sharing eternity together as persons perfectly integrated in bodies ans souls.


A person who chooses a life that focuses on an interior life of prayer and intercession for the benefit of the Church

contemplative prayer

" A gaze of faith, fixed on Jesus" and the mysterious of His life (CCC 2715). Is is placing oneself in God's presence and resting there in His love.


Maintaining control of one's desires, appetites, and passions rather than being controlled by them. Furthermore, continence lives as a virtue involves directing one's passions toward the true, good, and beautiful.

Eschatological sign

A sign that points toward the final stage of humanity in the total fulfillment of heaven

in persona Christi

A Latin phrase meaning "in the person of Christ"; it describes the identity and actions of a priest, particularly when he celebrates the sacraments and preaches the Word of God.


contemplative women celibates who live in monasteries, dedicated to a life of prayer for the Church.

Nuptial meaning of the Body

this is the call that God has stamped into our bodies as male and female to love as he loves, through a sincere and total gift of self.


concerning the very essence or nature of a being. One of the ontological realities about humans is our sexuality. Being a male or female is an essential part of human nature

ordinatio Sacerdoialis

A apostolic letter written by John Paul in 1994 regarding the reservation of the priesthood to men alone.

Religious sisters

Women celibates who generally live in convents and dedicates themselves to active ministry wherever there is a need.


A call from God to live a life of holiness in a particular manner and state of life.

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