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Sociology Exam 3

influences our behavior but does not determine how we think, feel and act.
is/are based on social and cultural expectations, not physical traits.
Gender Identity
is/are a perception of one's self as either masculine or feminine.
Gender Roles
includes the characteristics, attitudes, feelings behaviors that society expects of males and females.
is/are an attitude or behavior that discriminates against one sex based on the assumed superiority of the other sex.
Gender Pay Gap
The difference between male and female pay is called
Sex Discrimination
According to several studies, 41 percent of the gender wage gap can be explained by
1964;Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Sexual harassment became illegal form of sex discrimination in Title VII of the Civil Rights Acts of___ and again in the 1980 ___ guidelines.
Emotional Misconduct
Sexual harassment includes all of the following except
Isaiah was a born male. When he turned 18, he chose to undergo sex reassignment surgery to become a woman, Ingrid. His sexual orientation is
Pat was born with both male and female genitals. Pat's sexual orientation is
sexual orientation has a strong genetic basis
Biological theories contend that
The ban against gays in the military is an example of
According to functionalists, females typically perform the "______ role"
A gendered division of labor can be explained through a focus on capitalism. Which sociological perspective does this statement illustrate?
They encourage cohabitation and sex outside of marriage
Which of the following is not a common criticism of conflict theorists.
Symbolic Interactionist
Gender inequality is socially constructed. Which sociological perspective does this illustrate?
Sexual Harassment
What is the fastest growing type of employment discrimination?
Which of the following do not shape our sexual scripts?
White Privilege
refers to advantages that people enjoy because of their race.
The minority was the dominant group
The apartheid system is South Africa is an example of where.
Internal colonialism often manifests itself in
Voluntary self-segregation
Many racial and ethnic groups live peacefully side by side. Doing so illustrates
is/are an oversimplification or exaggerated about a category of people.
Feminist Theorists
contend that racial and ethnic women often experience a "double whammy" of inequality.
According to the ____ hypothesis, the more members of minority groups that you get to know, the less likely you are to be prejudiced against those groups.
Symbolic Interactionist
Prejudice and discrimination are learned, and therefore be unlearned. This statement best illustrates which of the following theoretical perspectives?
people's multiple origins
In part of ____, our definitions and measurement of race ethnicity are becoming increasingly complex.
Capitalism has four essential characteristics. Which of the following is not one of these characteristics.
A/n is a situation where one person or company controls a particular market or industry.
Walt Disney Corporation owns four publishing companies, 11 major television stations, either major cable stations and a variety of other entities in other markets. Walt Disney Corporation is an example of
____ is an economic and political based on the principle of the public ownership of the production of
_____ is a political and economic system where, ideally, all members of a society are equal.
was one of the most significant changes of the 21st century.
A _____ is a social entity that has legal rights, privileges, and liabilities apart from those of its members.
Kraft foods owns Maxwell House, Ritz Crackers and Life Savers (among other brands). Kraft Foods is an example of an
_____ is a process of social and economic change due to the reduction of industrial activity, especially manufacturing.
"Low wages alienate workers" This statement best represents the views of which sociological theory on work and the economy.
Symbolic interactionist
"How one is socialized into his/her job is important in understanding how he/she will interpret the workplace" This statement best represents the views of which sociological theory on work and the economy.