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section 2

stone age

a period of time in which early humans made lasting tools and weapons mainly from stone; the earliest known period of human culture


a person who has no settled home


rich in the substances plants need to grow well; describes soil and land


to adapt wild plants for human use; tame wild animals and breed them from human use


early humans made tools of stone, wood and animal bones; scientists think that the stone age lasted until people learned to use metal for tools


surviving by hunting animals; usually men did the hunting


surviving by gathering wild plants; usually women found the plants and seeds


early humans probably discovered fire by rubbing two sticks together or striking stones to get a spark

middle stone age

humans used more refined or advanced tools

new stone age

humans discovered that if they planted the seed of wild grasses new grasses would grow; people began to grow their own food


people could live in one place because they could grow their own food; no longer needed to move like nomads


by taming larger animals such as sheep, goats, and pigs, people developed ready sources of meat, milk, wool, and skins

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