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When and where did the Minoans settle

c. 6000 B.C on the island Crete

When and what happened on the Minoans downfall

c. 1450 B.C. Volcano explosion

When was the Dark Ages of Greece

1100 B.C - 750 B.C

What happened in the Dark Age of Greece

Poorness everywhere, no trade, no written langue

When was the Trojan war

c. 1200 B.C

Who fought in the Trojan war

Myceanan's against people of Troy

What was Greece's government

Monarchy ->Oligarchy-> Tyranny-> Democracy

When did the Myceanans conquer Crete

1450 B.C

When and what was the Myceanans downfall

1150 B.C and Dorians invaded

When was the Golden age of Athens

479 B.C- 431 B.C

Greek religion

12 main Gods

When did they Persians invade

520 B.C.

When was the Peloponesian war

431 B.C. - 404 B.C

When did the olympics start

776 B.C

What was the best Greek play

A tragedy

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