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BADM 300 Chapter 14: Intellectual Property Rights

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First person to file an application for a patent on a product or process will receive patent protection-NOT first person who obtains actual patent

1. Provides simplified filing with a lower initial investment with one full year to assess the invention's commercial potential before committing to the higher cost of filing and prosecuting a non-provisional application for patent;
2. Establishes an official US patent application filing date for the invention which helps with the U.S. First to File Patent System;
3. Permits one year's authorization to use "Patent Pending" notice in connection with the invention;
4. Enables immediate commercial promotion of the invention with greater security against having the invention stolen;
5. Provides the same confidentiality, access, and certified copies by PTO as §111(a) non-provisional applications for patent
6. Allows for the filing of multiple provisional applications for patent and for consolidating them in a single §111(a) non-provisional application for patent;
7. Provides for submission of additional inventor names by petition if omission occurred without deceptive intent (deletions are also possible by petition).
*Must file Non-Provisional Patent within 12 months of first filing.
*9 month statute of limitation from time patent application is filed to bring suit for patent infringement.
* If non-provisional patent material is not submitted within 12 month period, the patent application is ABANDONED.
* CANNOT revive an abandoned application.