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  1. resignation
  2. serve
  3. citizen
  4. yes
  5. representative
  1. a a member of the House of Representatives
  2. b a person given certain rights, duties, and privileges because he or she was born in, or chooses to live in a city, state or country
  3. c to spend a period of time carrying out a duty
  4. d an announcement that a person is leaving a job
  5. e should I study for the test

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  1. a quality that is needed or required
  2. a proposed new law
  3. to refuse to accept
  4. a rule or model that is set to control quality, size, or how something is done
  5. when a bill is dropped because the President doesn't act in it

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  1. sessionthe act or operation of a person or group


  2. economic depressiona time of low business activity and high unemployment


  3. joint committeea group that is a smaller part of something


  4. seniority systema group that is a smaller part of something


  5. restrictto refuse to accept