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Glieco-Seven Principles of Government

The Framers of the Constitution constructed a new system of government. Seven Principles supported their efforts. Study these terms to get a better understanding how our government/constitution was formed.
the people
who has the ultimate power in a democracy?
Popular Sovereignty
the people give the government its power.
gives the people the power to vote.
power shared between the National and State government.
delegated powers
powers that are assigned to the national government.
reserved powers
powers that are assigned to the state government.
Separation of Powers
powers of the government are divided into three branches.
Checks and Balances
each branch excercises control over the other branches.
Limited Government
All citizens must obey laws under the Constitution.
Individual Rights
How peoples personal freedoms are protected. (The Bill of Rights)
The document which established the present federal government of the United States and outlined its powers. It can be changed through amendments.