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Wǒ xǐ huan qù dòng wù yuán.

I like to go to the zoo. 我喜歡去動物園.

Wǒ gē gē xǐ huan chī kuài cān.

My older brother likes to eat fast food.

Bà ba xǐ huan hē kě lè.

Dad likes to drink coke.

Wǒ mèi mei xǐ huan yǎng gǒu.

My younger sister likes to raise a dog.

Wǒ cháng cháng qù dòng wù yuán.

I often go to the zoo.

Wǒ dì dì cháng cháng chī bīng qí lín.

My younger brother often eats ice cream.

Wǒ nǎi nai cháng cháng qù huā yuán.

My grandma often goes to the garden.

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