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  1. delve
  2. milieu
  3. impart
  4. cite
  5. reg
  1. a v: to quote; to mention; to summon to appear in court; to commend, recommend
    syn: refer to, enumerate, subpoena
    ant: ignore, disregard
  2. b king
  3. c n: the setting, surrounding, environment
  4. d v: to make known; tell; to give, pass something on
    syn: transmit, bestow, grant
    ant: withhold, keep back, conceal
  5. e v: to dig; to search deeply and thoroughly into
    syn: probe, investigate

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  1. deny
  2. v; to bring about an agreement between persons or groups, act as a go-between
    syn: settle, arbitrate, umpire, referee
  3. adj: high-spirited; lively; bold, saucy; jaunty
    syn: vivacious, impudent, fresh
    ant: sullen, gloom, morose, peevish
  4. announce
  5. v: to follow in order, come immediately after and as a result
    syn: result
    ant: precede, come before

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  1. origbegin


  2. regalev: to feast, entertain agreeably
    syn: amuse, divert


  3. outlandishadj: strange, freakish, weird, foreign-looking; out-of-the-way, geographically remote; exceeding reasonable limits
    syn: peculiar, bizarre, odd, unorthodox, unconventional
    ant: conventional, orthodox, staid, sober


  4. appeasev: to feast, entertain agreeably
    syn: amuse, divert


  5. conventionalannounce


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