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  1. gallantry
  2. orig
  3. reg
  4. neg
  5. regale
  1. a king
  2. b v: to feast, entertain agreeably
    syn: amuse, divert
  3. c n: heroic courage; respect and courtesy; an act or statement marked by a high level of courtesy
    syn: bravery, chivalrousness, vigor, daring
    ant: cowardice, boorishness
  4. d deny
  5. e begin

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  1. v: to make known; tell; to give, pass something on
    syn: transmit, bestow, grant
    ant: withhold, keep back, conceal
  2. adj: using or showing good judgement, wise, ensemble
    syn: thoughtful, prudent, shrewd, astute
    ant: foolish, thoughtless, ill-considered
  3. best
  4. adj: in line with accepted ideas or standards; trite
    syn: ordinary, commonplace, orthodox
    ant: outlandish, bizarre, unorthodox
  5. v: to quote; to mention; to summon to appear in court; to commend, recommend
    syn: refer to, enumerate, subpoena
    ant: ignore, disregard

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  1. decoyv: to dig; to search deeply and thoroughly into
    syn: probe, investigate


  2. taintbest


  3. delven: a person or hing used to lure into a trap
    syn: lure, bait


  4. prim, princfirst


  5. appeasev: to feast, entertain agreeably
    syn: amuse, divert


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