24 terms

CHS Am. History chapters 15-16

Which region of the U.S. was called the Dust Bowl?
The Great Plains
The thought that government should let business get of the depression on its own.
rugged individulism
At the height of the depression the number of unemployed workers reached about...
15 million
African Americans were usually
the first workers to get laid off.
The term describing the U.S. economy during the depression
bear market
The global economy suffered because of
massive war debts
Some economists felt the depression was caused by
unequal distribution of wealth
The group believed capitalism was the cause of the Great Depression.
Socialists and communists
Why is October 29, 1929 known as "Black Tuesday?"
The stock market crashed
This was not an effect of the depression....
more marriages
What did the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) do?
Insure each bank deposits
What did the Civilian conservation Corps do?
Clear brush, plant trees and develop campsites.
Some of the most popular films of the era.
Gangster movies
Food was given to the needy in ....
How many Mexicans were pressured into leaving the U.S.?
Farmers banded together to save farms from...
foreclosure sales.
Banks were plunged into crisis when this happened....
borrowers defaulted on loans
Many economists said the depression was...
just part of the business cycle
Midwestern farmers faced
an overabundance of good
Mutual aide societies
The business cycle
The regular ups and downs of business
Shantytowns were called....
The deep economic downturn lasting from 1929 to the 1940's was known as...
The Great Depression
The Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC)
Was authorized to lend money to stabalize troubled banks, insurance companies, railroad companies and other institutions.....NOT TO CITIZENS!!