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condition or state

Scientific Method

Is the universal language scientists use to conduct experiments.


Is the act of noting or perceiving objects or events by using the senses


Is a possible explanation that can be tested by observation or experimentation.


How a hypothesis is tested under controlled conditions

Control Group

Is our standard or norm test; where we do not change any conditions.

Experimental Group

Is our test where we change one condition.

Independent Variable

Is the single factor or variable that was modified in the experiment.

Dependent Variable

Is the result or change caused by modifying a single factor or variable.


Is the information or evidence you received from your experiments


Taking all your information and either accepting or rejecting your hypothesis based on the results you got from your experiments.


Is the study of life.

Cellular Organization

Living organisms have cells that can carry out life's functions.


Is the ability to maintain a stable internal environment.


Is the sum of all the chemical reactions carried out in an organism.


Is an organism's ability to react to external changes in the environment.


Is an organism's ability to make more organisms.


Is an organism's ability to pass on its own traits to its offspring.


Is an organism's ability to change in size and shape.

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