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Chapter 24 (788-807)

Which of the following officials enforces the state's weights and measures laws?

commissioner of agriculture

The governor appoints which of the following officials to their initial full term?

a public utility commissioner

Which of the following is responsible for oil and gas regulation within the state of Texas?

Railroad Commission

The mayor and council of a small city are unsure about the impact of a new state law on their city. Which of the following state officials would they contact for an official opinion as to the meaning of the law?

attorney general

Which of the following statements is NOT true about members of state agencies such as the Board of Regents of the University of Texas A&M?

They are full-time employees of the state of Texas.

How often must the XYZ Agency, a typical agency in Texas, face sunset review?

Every twelve years

Which of the following state officials is required by the Texas Constitution to estimate state revenues for the upcoming two-year budget cycle at the beginning of each legislative session?


Which of the following officials is the state's chief election officer?

secretary of state

The Administrative Procedures Act requires state agency officials to

seek written public comments

Which of the following state agencies would most likely be involved in rulemaking?

Public Utility Commission

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