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The catcher in the Rye


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The whole story is a
What does holden mean when he says his brother D.B. is out in Hollywood being a prostitute?
He's selling his talent (he's a writer selling his stories to make money)
As the story begins where is Holden?
he is somewhere near hollywood in a hospital
Where and what is Pencey prep?
A school in Agerstown Penn.
an all boys boarding school
How did Holden let the fencing team down?
He left all the equipment on the subway
Why was holden being kicked out of pencey prep?
he doesn't have a good work ethic and slacks off- he's failing 4 out of five classes
What kind of health does Holden appear to be in?
not good health- smokes a lot
mentally hes unstable
who is mr. spencer and why does holden visit him?
holdens history teacher and holden visits him because he wants to say goodbye to him
What does spencer do that particarally annoyed Helen?
repeats himself
yells at him and calls him boy
sick weak and old
why does holden give us a reason for leaving elkton hills?
he thinks everyones a phony
what does holden find depressing about mr. spencer
that he was old and sick
how often does holden use the term phony to describe people and their actions what does he mean?
he uses the word a lot
he means that people are fake and hypocrites
What does holden mean that he's quite illiterate but he reads a lot?
he means that he can't really read or write but he reads a lot
ex. "out of africa" his brother d.b books
who is ackley?
a guy that roomed next to Holden who is very strange and annoying
what does ackley do that annoys holden

-he keeps cutting his nails and gets them on the floor while holden wants him to cut them over the table
-he moves holdens stuff around
What does holden admire about Edgar Marsala
he admires that Edgar is funny, confident and doesnt care what people think
describe holden hat
a red hunting hat with one very long peak
-was a dollar
-used for deer shooting
-lumber hat
What is holdens definition of a really good book
a book that is taken out of a library by mistake
-when you'd finish it youd want to talk to the author
who is straddler? why does holden refer to him as a secret slob? what does he look like?
holdens roomate
he refers to him as a secret slob because he dresses nice and seems clean a lot but he is actually a complete mess and is really slobby
hes handsome
What point does Holden try to make about people when he talks about Strandlatter and the commas and Ackleys description of the basketball player?
-he focuses on the negative
the point he try to make is that people who stick commas in the wrong place are bad at compostions
he doesn't like ackleys description of the basketball player because he said he has a perfect build
Why did it make Holden nervous that stradlatter is going out with Jane Gallagher?
stradladder is also very attractive and he doesn't want him to treat her badly

holdens nervous because he used to live next door to her and he once liked her
Who is Allie and why is his baseball mitt so special to Holden?
Allie was Holdens brother who got Leukemia and past away. His baseball mitt was special because he always wrote on it when he was out in the field when he was bored
Why did Holdens parents want to have him psychoanalyzed?
because he broke all the windows in the garage and broke his hand
List five examples of Holdens negativity and cynicism?
1. thinks everyones a phony
2. thinks ankley has too many pimples
3. hates school
4. thinks the history teacher is old and smelly
5. gives up very easily
6. hates hypocrites
Why is holden so nervous and worried while straddlatter is out with Jane?
thinks he's going to hurt jane
has a bad rep
What do Holden and straddlatter fight over?
they fight over the composition and he writes about allies baseball mitt instead
Holden says that he is a pacafist. What is that and is he?
one who doesn't like war fighting and violence
why does holden decide to visit Ackleys room?
wants to play canasta and sleep in his bed
also felt really lonely and wanted company
where does holden then decide to go
to a hotel in NY
What is his final goodbye to Pencey prep?
He took a long look down the corridor and yelled sleep tight ya morons
Why do you think Holden was crying as he left?
he doesn't get to have the proper goodbye- closer
What does Holden mean when he says mothers are slightly insane?
mothers care about their kids more than anything
What are some of the lies Holden tells Mrs. Morrow?
Holden calls other people a phony, in what way is he one?