Ch. 19 + 20

36 terms by schip

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dinner (f)

cena cenae

bed (m)

lectus lecti


sordidus -a -um

to seize

arripio, arripere, arripui, arreptus

to dine, eat dinner

ceno, cenare, cenavi, cenatus

to lead

duco, ducere, duxi, ductus

to be hungry

esurio, esurire, esurivi, esuriturus

to explain

explico, explicare, explicavi, explicatus

to enter

intro, intrare, intravi, intratus

to go to bed

cubitum eo, ire

to order

iubeo, iubere, iussi, iussus

to stay awake

vigilo, vigilare, vigilavi, vigilatus



very, exceedingly, very much


very much, violently, hard


story (f)

fabula, fabulae

soldier (m)

miles, militis

mid-, middle of

medius -a -um

best, very good

optimus -a -um

after, behind (+acc)










to kill

neco, necare, necavi, necatus

to tell (a story)

narro, narrare, narravi, narratus

to wash

lavo, lavare, lavi, lautus

it is allowed

licet, licere, licuit

to hear, listen to

audio, audire, audivi, auditus

to guard

custodio, custodire, custodivi, custoditus

to say

dico, dicere, dixi, dictus

to sleep

dormio, dormire, dormivi, dormiturus

to lead

duco, ducere, duxi, ductus

to depart

discedo, discedere, discessi, discessurus

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