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year : 1933 to 1935

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

FDIC reform
ensure each bank deposit up to $2500
today it still ensures depositors money up to $250,000

Home Owners Loan Corporation

HOLC relief / reform
assited the home owners and morage companies
saved the homes of 1 million american families by granting them low interest

Farm Credit Administration

FCA relief / recovery
low interest & long term loans to farmers

Federal Emergency Relief Adimistration

FERA relief
$500million to aid state and local agenies
state and local gov deiced how money is spent for relief

Civil Works Administation

CWA relief
provided jobs "make work"
740 million in wages to 4 million people

Civilian Conservation Corps

CCC relief
employed 2.5 million young men, payed $1 a day
helped the environment

National Industrial Recovery Act

NIRA Recovery
reduces unemployment
stabilized prices, raised wages, limited work hours, privided jobs.

Public Works Administration

PWA Relief / recovery
created jobs
using federal funds built roads, public buildings,etc

National Recovery Administration

NRA recovery
codes of fair competition with businesses

Agricultural Adjustment Administration

AAA relief / recovery
paid farmers to reduce crop output to control the supply in demand and make prices go up

Tennessee Valley Authority

TVA recovery
built dams, power stations, flood control, & recreational facilities

Works Progress administration

WPA relief
Harry Hopkins designed it
employed 8.5 million people in 8 years

National Youth Administration

NYA relief / recovery
gave high school and college kids part time jobs that allowed them to stay in school

Social Security Act

SSA relief
unemployment insurance came from a pay roll tax on business
gave pensions to retired workers age 65+
gave disabled, elder,wives and kids of male worker that died payments

Rural Electrification Administration

REA relief
provided electricity to isolated areas
kept utility costs low

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