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v. to go closer. (n.)1. A coming closer. 2. A road or way that leads to a place.


v. to dig a hole or tunnel into or under something; to dig deeply into; to search. (n) a hole or a tunnel dug by an animal as a home or for protection.


v. to stop; to come or bring to an end.


adj. causing harm or damage.


adj. tired or sleepy.


adj. very hungry


v. to figure out and say what will happen before it takes place. (n.) a telling of what will happen.


v. To spend the winter in a resting state.


v. To move from one country or region to another.


v. To settle down comfortably, as if in a nest. 2. to lie in a sheltered, partly hidden place.


v. to see; notice 2. to comment; to remark. 3. to mark an event or day. 4. to obey.


v. to make or get ready.


v. to make or become smaller or less.


adj. Very strict or harsh. (2) Hard to bear or deal with.


v. to dare to do, to go, or to say. (n) something that involves the risk of a loss.

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