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  1. Ferret
  2. Submission
  3. Skepticism
  4. Divert
  5. Perfunctorily
  1. a v. to scrounge or scavenge for.
  2. b v. to turn aside from a course or direction.
  3. c adv. Done routinely and with little interest or care.
  4. d n. the act of giving in to a power of another.
  5. e n. a doubting or questioning attitude.

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  1. v. to look intently.
  2. n. the state of being profuse, abundance.
  3. adj. Covered or shaded.
  4. v. to increase the concentration of, separate, or purify.
  5. n. expression of words and phrases.

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  1. Beatificv. to increase the concentration of, separate, or purify.


  2. Dinv. to sharpen; enhance.


  3. Filigreen. delicate and intricate ornamental.


  4. Sieven. a utensil of wire mesh for straining materials.


  5. Patronagen. support, encouragement, or championship, as of a person or a cause.