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  1. Din
  2. Profusion
  3. Murmur
  4. Submission
  5. Dwindle
  1. a n. a jumble of loud, discordant sounds.
  2. b v. to complain in low, mumbling tones; grumble.
  3. c n. the act of giving in to a power of another.
  4. d v. to subside.
  5. e n. the state of being profuse, abundance.

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  1. adj. Waving arms sporadically in the air.
  2. n. support, encouragement, or championship, as of a person or a cause.
  3. n. expression of words and phrases.
  4. v. to scrounge or scavenge for.
  5. adj. Covered or shaded.

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  1. Dispersev. to drive off or scatter in different directions.


  2. Sievev. to spread about; scatter.


  3. Insidiousv. to increase the concentration of, separate, or purify.


  4. Contemptiblen. expression of words and phrases.


  5. Mobilizev. to lessen in intensity or degree.


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