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  1. soliloquy
  2. dialogue
  3. apprehension
  4. animation
  5. theme
  1. a Lines spoken by the characters
  2. b A speech in which a character, alone on the stage, addresses himself or herself
  3. c Nervousness; worry; uneasiness
  4. d The general idea or insight about life that a work of literature reveals
  5. e Liveliness

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  1. Power that is used cruelly or unjustly
  2. A firsthand account or firsthand information
  3. Turning point in the plot
  4. Abandoned and lonely
  5. Lines that give a hint or suggest a future event

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  1. loatheTo hate


  2. unabashedNot embarrassed; acting bold


  3. dramatic licenseAdaptations and changes made by a playwright to achieve a desired effect in a play


  4. comic reliefA bit of humor injected into a serious play


  5. monologueLines spoken by the characters