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  1. conspicuous
  2. appalled
  3. playwright
  4. props
  5. comic relief
  1. a The author of a play or drama
  2. b A bit of humor injected into a serious play
  3. c Pictures, furnishings, and other objects that provide the stage's background
  4. d Easily seen; noticeable
  5. e Horrified; shocked

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  1. To strengthen
  2. The words in a dramatic script - usually italicized - that define an actor's movements and attitudes
  3. Not embarrassed
  4. Displeased; annoyed
  5. Abandoned and lonely

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  1. indignantlyDispleased; annoyed


  2. dramatic licenseAdaptations and changes made by a playwright to achieve a desired effect in a play


  3. foreshadowingLines that give a hint or suggest a future event


  4. subjectGreat enthusiasm; devotion to a cause


  5. flashbackInterruption in the present action of a plot to show events that happened at an earlier time