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  1. soliloquy
  2. gingerly
  3. inarticulate
  4. stage directions
  5. tyranny
  1. a Carefully; cautiously
  2. b The words in a dramatic script - usually italicized - that define an actor's movements and attitudes
  3. c Power that is used cruelly or unjustly
  4. d Unable to speak; not clearly spoken
  5. e A speech in which a character, alone on the stage, addresses himself or herself

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  1. To hate
  2. Lines spoken by the characters
  3. Pictures, furnishings, and other objects that provide the stage's background
  4. Situation that occurs when the audience or the reader knows something a character does not know
  5. Turning point in the plot

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  1. pandemoniumLiveliness


  2. conspicuousEasily seen; noticeable


  3. monologueAn extended speech by one character


  4. dramaA work of literature to be performed for an audience by actors


  5. animationLiveliness