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  1. tragedy
  2. indignantly
  3. allusion
  4. tyranny
  5. loathe
  1. a With anger caused by injustice
  2. b A reference to a statement, person, place, or event that the playwright expects readers to know
  3. c A serious literary work which portrays a heroic, dignified, or courageous character who comes to a terrible end.
  4. d To hate
  5. e Power that is used cruelly or unjustly

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  1. Displeased; annoyed
  2. Pictures, furnishings, and other objects that provide the stage's background
  3. A work of literature to be performed for an audience by actors
  4. Lines spoken by the characters
  5. Abandoned and lonely

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  1. inarticulateUnable to speak; not clearly spoken


  2. appalledHorrified; shocked


  3. soliloquyA speech in which a character, alone on the stage, addresses himself or herself


  4. ostentatiouslyLiveliness


  5. primary sourceDeep feeling of guilt