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English Quatrain

consists of four lines stanzas with lines of iambic pentameter rhyming abab

Short Couplets

couplets with a meter of iambic tetrameter

Ballad Stanza

alternating lines of tetrameter and trimeter in any foot, rhyming abcb or abab

Narrative Poetry

poetry whose main function is to tell a story. Like fiction, narrative poems have plots, characters, setting, and point-of-view.


a long narrative poem about the exploits of a hero

Folk Epics

(Illiad, Beowulf) were originally intended for public recitation and existed in oral form for a long period of time b/f transcribed. Little or nothing is known about the authors of folk epics

Literary Epics

(Dante's Inferno) differ from folk epics in that they are products of known authors who wrote their poems for publication


generally are shorter narratives with song-like qualities that often include rhyme and repeated refrains

Folk ballads

like folk epics, come from oral tradition and are anonymously authored


a series of pleasant sounds


a series of unpleasant sounds

Dithyrambic poetry

composed to be chanted at religious rituals by a chorus /sometimes described as "dramatic poetry" / persona is an invented character not to be indentified with the poetry. Presented as a speech or dialogue that might be acted out


words that are no longer commonly used


a word made up by a poet


the order of words in a sentence


the study of the sources of words


a short, satirical lyric usually aimed at a specific person


a lyric on the occasion of a death


a long lyric in elevated language on a serious theme

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