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Things to be fixed
Natural Filter, Farm nutrient management, and the oyster population
Natural Filters
Natural filters filter runoff, decreasing sediment pollution
Examples of some natural filters are riparian forests, wetlands, and filter feeders
We could help these barriers by helping Riparian Buffer Restoration, an organization that restores riparian buffers
Farm Nutrient management
Farm nutrient management is where you limit the amount of fertilizer farmers are able to apply
These fertilizers give off nitrogen and phosphorous
These chemicals normally help plants grow, but the plants in the James are being overfed.
To make the River cleaner we can lower the amount of fertilizer the farmers are able to apply
We need a 10fold increase of oysters
An adult oyster can filter 50 gallons of water a day
Oyster beds give juvenile fish a place to live
Oysters are killed by diseases, poor water conditions, and thermal pollution
If we could raise the oyster population than the river would eb much cleaner