All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque


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Name the 8 army friends intorduced in Chapter 1. What occupations did they have before entering the army?
1) Kropp- clearest thinker (classmate)
2) Muller- still has his school books (classmate)
3) Leer- loves math and women. Has a bread (classmate)
4) Detering- peasent farmer
5) Kat- 40 years old . Cobbler
6) Wethus- peat digger
7) Tjaden- locksmith. skinny, big eater
8) Behm- didn't want to go. first to die. (classmate)
Kantorek- teacher talks entire class into joining army
Himmelstoss- drill Sargent at training. mailman
How do the boys feel about Kantorek?
They don't like him
How did they feel about Kantorek while they were in school?
The didn't like him
What is important about Joseph Behm's story?
He didn't want to go at first. He was the first one to get shot and was left for dead in no man's land. He was unconscious, when he came to he was shot and killed
What are the reasons Muller wants Kemmerich's boots?
1) Kemmerich will only be able to use one of them
2) The orderlies will grab them when he dies
3) They are refine high quality English boots
4) They were his size
What is important about the incidents which occured between the young soldiers and Himmelstoss during theit training?
Himmelstoss wanted to keep his jobs so he was more strict and he made them more vicious men, tough and they were prepared
What finally happens to Kemmerich?
he dies from his infected leg
How does the doctor react when Paul requests that he look at Kemmerich? What does this show us about how war affects men?
That he doesn't know which patient he is talking about because he amputated five peoples legs. They have to not get involved
What talent does Kat have which makes him indispensable to his comapany? Give two explames of where he uses this talent
He can trade easily. He is able to find food and straw for their bed
Kat and Kropp discuss how they feel the war should be fought. Even though they are obviously joking, there is one serious element they both have in their ideas. What is that element?
The people that declare war should do the fighting and they should have tickets and a marching band
Why does Tjaden in particular hate Himmelstoss?
Tjaden wets the bed and Himmelstoss thinks he is to lazy to get up so he found another bed wetter and assigned them the same bunk
Why is the earth so important to a soldier?
It shelters and protects them
How does Paul treat the young recruit when he first meets him?
Treats him with care
Why is the recruit so embarassed after the shelling?
he realized he pooped his pants
Why are all the men so upset about the horses?
The horses were injured and it was their way of transportation
Where do the soldiers hide during the attack?
In a graveyard
List horrors of battle which Paul witnesses.
1) Explosion of mine and artillery shells
2) Several new recruits can't take the bombardment and go crazy
3) A guys get his head blown off
4) The trenches got hit and they have to dig themselves out
5) He uses shovels to kill people
What does Paul remember of his past life?
His youth when he was younger back home
Why do you think the images of Paul's past life come to him now?
He realizes that he is about to die
What would the following charcters like to do if peace came:
Haie Westhus, Detering, Katczinsky
Haie Westhus- Go out with a women. Then stay in the army and become a noncom, retire, go to a small town and become the sheriff
Detering- Go back to his farm
Katczinsky- get drunk and take the next train to go back to his family
What do Tjaden & Himmelstoss argue about?
Whether Tjden is going to obey orders Himmelstoss gives him
How do the boys feel about the things they have learned in school? How has the war ruined them for the future?
That they are worthless and it doesn't help them survive in combat. They don't have a family or a girl to go back to they only have their parents
What are the coffins for?
Why do the men worry when they receive more cheese and rum than they usually do?
A bad time is coming
What is the ratio of being wounded/killed?
How many men started this battle?
How many survived the battle?
How did they fix their rat problem?
They took pieces of bread the rats ate and put it in the middle of the trench and when the rats came they hit them with a shovel
What had Paul's mother saved for his return?
Wartel berries and potato pancakes
Why can't Paul tell his mother about the war?
She wouldn't understand and he doesn't want to put more stress on her because she is sick and dying
Why does Paul get angry with the major he meets on the street?
He doesn't greet him properly
Why can't Paul tell his father about the war?
His father wouldn't understand either
What does Paul realize about himself when he sits in his room alone and looks at his books?
His youth is over forever. He feels like a foreigner in his own house and no longer fits in with his family. The army is his family now
What has happened to Kantorek?
He has been drafted into the army under the supervision of his former recurit
Why does Paul persist in lying to kemmerich's mother?
He is trying to keep her from having an even more ard break
Describe the Russian prisoners. Why dose Paul feel sorry for them? What theme is this and example of?
Big, tall, full beards, thick hair, look like meek scolded, St. Bernard dogs. He doesn't know anything about them. Shared humanity
Why do the soldiers at the camp become more close to nature?
Around the trenches nature has been destroyed at the camp. Where they are at is nature and they get to look at it more closely.
Why is Paul happy to be back in the war?
He feels more comfortable with his war family than his actual family
After the inspection by the Kaiser, the men discuss the war. How do the feel about it? Who do they feel is responsible for it?
The men fighting have nothing against France. The leader of all of the countries should fight
What two reasons are there for Paul bandaging the French soldier's wounds?
1) He feels bad
2) If French soldier's come they will see that Paul has bandaged him up
What does Paul promise he will do for the family of Gerard Duval?
Write his wife a letter and send some money
What does Kropp threaten to do if his leg is amputated?
kill himslef
What is the dying room?
Where they put people that are close to dying
How does Peter know he is going to the dying room?
They grabbed his tunic
What kind of experiments are done on the wounded in the hospital?
Experimental surgery. Trying to cure flat feet
What kinds of wounds does Paul see in the hospital?
Wounds on every part of a man.
What affect does the hospital have on Paul?
He realizes that is what war really is
What happens to the following characters? Detering, Berger, Muller, Bertinck, Leer, Haie, Kat
Detering- couldn't take it anymore, he deserts and never heard from again
Berger- he got shot in the pelvis
Muller- shot in the stomach at close range. took an hour to die
Bertinck- gets shot in the chest then a piece of shrapnel takes his chin off
Leer- the same piece of shrapnel that hit Bertinck hits Leer in the hip and he bleeds out
Haie- a piece of shrapnel tore off all of his back
Kat- get shot in the leg. While Paul is carrying he get shot in the back of the head without Paul knowing.
How do the soldiers feel during the summer of 1918?
Hoping after all the have been through not to be the last person to die at the end of the war
What does Paul foresee for his generation after the war?
he has no goals
What change in point of view occurs at the end of the novel?
It was first person then it was changed to third
Why did the book change from first person to third person?
Paul died
How does Peter know he is going to the dying room?