Chapter 11

Organizational change refers to the adoption of a new idea or behavior by an organization.
A technological change is related to the organization's production process.
Technology change involves the hierarchy of authority. goals, administrative procedures and managerial systems.
A product change is a change in the organization's product or service outputs.
Creativity is the generation of novel ideas that may meet perceived needs or respond to opportunities for he organization.
The innovation strategy for changing products and technologies that involves designing the organization to encourage creativity and the initiation of new ideas is known as exploration.
The innovation strategy for changing products and technologies that involves designing the organization to encourage creativity and the initiation of new ideas is known as cooperation.
The innovation strategy for changing products and technologies that involves creating conditions and systems to facilitate internal and external coordination and knowledge sharing is known as cooperation.
The adoption of a new idea or behavior by an organization is known as organization.
An example of organizational change is?
-the switch to a new production method
-the decision to offer a new product line
-the introduction of a new pay for performance system.
Successful change requires that organizations be capable of both creating and implementing ideas, which means the organization must learn to be?
The generation of novel ideas that may meet perceived needs or respond to opportunities for the organization is called?
Which of the following refers to the generation of novel solutions to perceived problems?
Which of the following is a change in the organization's production process-- how the organization does its work?
A____ change is related to the organization production process.
All of the the following are characteristics of creative individuals EXCEPT?
All of the following are examples of creative organizations EXCEPT?
Jackie, a new employee of yours, strikes you as curious, open-minded person. Keep your eye on jackie, for she she may very well be?
A creative individual
Creative organizations..
Are loosely structured
Which of the following provides a safe harbor where ideas from employees throughout the company can be developed without interference's from company bureaucracy or polotics?
An idea incubator
According to business week, who was ranked as the worlds most innovative company?
Innovation requires the coordination that occurs with the?
Horizontal linkage model
According to business week 72% of top executives reported that _____ is a top priority.
A______ team is a multifunctional and sometimes multinational team that works under stringent timelines and is provided with high levels of resources and empowerment to accomplish an accelerated product development project.
The adoption of a new idea or behavior by an organization is known as organizational.
Which of the following is a person who sees the need for and fights for productive change in an organization?
An idea champion
John has tremendous technical skills and frequently comes up with valuable ideas. However, he has little idea how to promote it within the organization. John is a good example of?
An Inventor
Which of the following describes a person who is passionately committed to a new product of idea despite rejection by others?
An Idea champion
Ashley has average technical skills but her real strengths lay in visualizing the benefits of other's ideas and in finding financial and political support for these ideas. Ashley is an excellent example of?
An Idea champion
Vivian, as a vice-president of marketing, is far removed from the research and development department. However, she keeps a close eye on what is happening in R & D and tries to support good ideas whenever she can by removing unnecessary organizational obstacles. Vivian is a good example of?
A sponsor
The role of the ____ is to prevent people in other roles from adopting a bad idea.
Which of the following is(are) important role(s) to be played during the process of organizational change?
The idea champion
The critic
The sponsor
The ____ is a unit separate from the rest of the organization responsible for the development of a major innovation
New Venture Team
Which variation of new venture teams is described as a small separate, informal, highly autonomous, and often selective group that focuses on breakthrough ideas for the business?
A Skunkwork
A fund providing resources from which individuals and groups draw to develop new ideas, products, or businesses is referred to as a?
New-owner fund
____ refers to a change in the attitudes and behaviors of a few employees in the organization.
People change
Which of the following refers to a major shift in the norms, values, attitudes, and mindset of the entire organization?
Culture change
Jurgen is one of several middle managers sent to a training course on leadership skills. Through this effort, the organization is attempting:
People change
Which of the following is defined by the text as the application of behavioral science knowledge to improve an organization's health and effectiveness through its ability to cope with environmental changes, improve internal relationships, and increase problem-solving capabilities?
Organizational development
Organizational development can help managers address problems such as merger/acquisitions, conflict management, and ____.
Organizational decline/revitalization
____ is NOT a type of current problem that organizational development can help address.
There are many organizational development activities, which are effective in solving many different problems. ____ enhances the cohesiveness and success of organizational groups.
Team building
Which of the following is an OD intervention technique in which questionnaires on organizational climate and other factors are distributed among employees and the results reported back to them by a change agent?
Survey feedback activites
____ is an approach that brings together participants from all parts of the organization to discuss problems or opportunities and plan for major change.
Large-group intervention
Which of the following is the intervention stage of organization development in which individuals experiment with new workplace behavior?
Which of the following is the reinforcement stage of organization development in which individuals acquire a desired new skill or attitude and are rewarded for it by the organization?
A step in the diagnosis stage of organizational development in which participants are made aware of problems is referred to as
Organizational development specialists identify three distinct steps for achieving behavioral and attitudinal changes. These are
Unfreezing,changing and refreezing
At which stage of the change process do managers evaluate problems and opportunities?
Need for change
____ indicates a disparity between existing and desired performance levels.
Need for change
Kyle is seeing, on a regular basis, a difference between current and expected performance levels. She should begin?
To perceive a need for change
Recently, a high level manager at Trophy Trinkets noted a rise in customer satisfaction complaints. This rise is inconsistent with Trophy's goals in this area. This manager has identified
A need for change
Cyrus's Resort has proposed some major structural changes within their organization. Some of the employees fear that they will lose power with the changes. They begin voicing resistance to the changes. What barrier to change are they exhibiting?
Self interests
After every quarterly board meeting, Bernice's Bracelets, Inc. announces big changes. They usually do not follow through on these changes. What is causing this lack of enthusiasm?
A lack of trust
According to MANAGER'S SHOPTALK in Chapter 11, the eight-step plan for implementing change in an organization includes all of the following EXCEPT:
A. Establish a sense of urgency
B. Form a powerful coalition of mangers
C. Communicate the vision
D. Empower others to act on the vision
E. All of these are steps to the plan!
You are the production manager for Connor's Construction, Inc. You decide to change the production procedure to increase efficiency. One of your long-time foremen is resisting the change, insisting that the idea won't work. He is exhibiting what obstacle to change?
Different assessment and goals
Beth's Barnyard, Inc. has decided to restructure the entire organization. You hold a meeting with your employees to notify them of the change. You do not give them any detailed information. Which of the barriers to change would you expect your employees to exhibit?
Uncertainty about the future
What is force field analysis?
The process of determining which forces drive and which resist a proposed change.
Harvest International is anticipating changes in their production procedures. You have been assigned to identify potential barriers to the change and suggest solutions to these barriers. You are using
Force field analysis
____ schedule materials to arrive at a company just as they are needed on the production line.
Just-in-time inventory system
When trying to overcome the resistance for change, which approach is best suited when change is technical?
Communication and education tactic to change implementation should be used when
Change is technical
TooEasy, Inc. is changing from a manual ordering system to a computer-based ordering system. As part of the implementation procedures, the company invests in detailed, comprehensive training classes. What approach to change implementation is TooEasy using?
Communication and education
Which approach should a group use to resist change if the group has power over implementation and if the group will lose out in the change?
Which approach to change implementation should be used when a crisis exists?
The ____ approach to change implementation should be used when users have power to resist.
____ uses formal bargaining to win acceptance and approval of a desired change.
Sandbox Sally's, Inc. is making some changes to the work schedules of its employees. Some of the employees are not happy with the changes. As their manager, Harry tells them that they can accept it or leave. What approach to change implementation is Harry using?
Before implementing new changes in work schedules, Trudy's Trinkets works with the union to ensure a smooth transition. What approach to change is this company using?
Which of the following symbolizes to all employees that the change is important for the organization?
Top managers support
Of the companies on Fortune magazine's first list of America's 500 largest corporations published in 1955, how many survived the next half century?
_________ refers to innovations in products, services, or processes that radically change an industry's rules of the game for producers and consumers.
Disruptive innovation
For the compact disc industry, the advent of MP3 technology can best be described as what type of innovation?
Disruptive innovation
Sandra works for a bank that is renowned for being the first commercial bank in the United States to introduce online banking. This can best be described as what type of innovation?
Service innovation
Artful Innovations Inc. operates with open channels of communication and an established suggestion system that encourages brainstorming and freewheeling discussions. Artful Innovations can best be described as what type of organization?
Creative organization
The horizontal linkage model is best applied in what type of business environment?
Environment that requires speed
At LifeCycle Products, a team of individuals from all areas of the company is currently working under a very strict deadline to develop the company's newest product. Luckily, the team is provided with a high level of resources and empowerment from management. This team can best be described as a(n):
Fast-cycle team
Cooltown University recently invited members of its social network group to enter a contest on U-Tube to design the best video promoting the university. This is an example of what innovative approach?
"The Brain" is a permanent secret group within one of the nation's largest auto manufacturers. Members of this elite group focus intently on developing new and innovative automobile technologies. "The Brain" can best be described as what type of group or team?
Left-Right Industries employs a diverse set of individuals with strong personalities. Unfortunately, this means that there is a great deal of interpersonal disagreement among employees. What organizational tool would work best in this circumstance to manage conflict?
Organizational development
High-Low Productions recently appointed 75 employees and external stakeholders to a temporary group that would discuss problems and opportunities, and would gather perspectives on changes that need to take place within the company. High-Low Productions is utilizing which organizational change tool?
Large group intervention
Which of the following is a characteristic of the large-group intervention model?
Addresses the entire system
The final step to be managed in the change process is:
_________ is the lack of information about future events.
Inventory managers at SYX Enterprises utilize an inventory control system where materials are scheduled to arrive just as they are needed on the production line. This is referred to as:
Just-in-time inventory control