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Why Don't You Get a Horse, Sam Adams?

What did John Adams do after Samuel's first riding experience?
he had a pair of padded underpants made for Samuel
In the Grafton tavern, Why did John Adams tell Samuel that he should learn to ride?
becuase riding was a fast way for a person to travel
WHat did John Hancock do when he learned redcoats were coming toward Lexington?
he armed himself to fight
What did Samuel train Queue to hate/
What did two regiments of British soldiers march into Boston Common to do?
set up their tents
Because of a new tax on glass, paint, lead, and tea, the king sent solders into Boston to do what?
keep the peace
What did Samuel leave behind when he escaped form the redcoats coming toward Lexington?
his watch
Why was a boatload of tea thrown into Boston Harbor?
because americans did not want to see it taxed
During his final lesson in horsemanship, what did Samuel learn to do?
how to mount a horse
When Samuel stopped at tevers, what did Queue search the floors for?
Samuel found it hard to talk to John because he refused to do this?
ride a horse next to his cousin
What happened to Samuel because he spent little time attending to his private business?
he became poor
What did Paul Rever do to warn John Hancock and Samuel about the redcoats?
he rode to the house where they were hiding
Why did redcoats sometimes stop Samuel?
to ask for his name
Samuel could not imagine a statue of himself without this in the new nation of America?
a horse
Why did samuel finally agree to ride a horse?
he did it for the honor of his country
At first, Samuel did not mention independence when he spoke of England because most peole still claimed loyalt to ____.
the king
Why didn't Samuel ride a horse?
he codl not talk very much from on top of one
What did his friends give him befoer samuel left for his first meeting in Philadelphia?
new clothes
What did the redcoats do when Americans throw snowballs filled with rocks at them?
fired their guns at the men
What did the people of Boston do when a tax was imposed on printed materials?
set the tax office on fire
While Samuel learned to ride a horse, what did two servants ride in?
a two-wheeled chaise
John Adams pointed out to samuel that the two of them would be signing what?
a declaration of independence
Who wrote this book?
Jean Fritz
John Adams tried to convince Samuel to learn to ride a horse while they traveled to a meeting where?
In 1775, redcoats marched from Boston to look for what/
a hidden American cannon
Samuel and John Hancock were driven away in Hancock's carriage to escape who?
the redcoats
Who told Samuel that horses had been domesticated by early man?
John Adams
Why didn't Samuel say much at his first PHiladelphia meeting?
because most representative were not ready to discuss independence
Who was Samuel's dog?