Pelvic Girdle

where axial skeleton joins appendicular skeleton
where three bones fuse together to make the hip bone
ossa coxae
fusion of ilium, ischium, and pubis
iliac crest
this is felt when touching your hips
Sacroiliac joint
what attaches the hip bone to the sacrum
ventral foramina
holes on the anterior side of the sacrum
dorsal foramina
holes on the posterior side of the sacrum
sacral canal
passageway for nerve roots through the sacrum
sacral crest
ridge found on the posterior side of the sacrum
Auricular Surface
where the hip bones articulate, also where sacroiliac joint is formed
False Pelvis
area superior to the pelvic brim
True Pelvis
area inferior to the pelvic brim
also known as the tail-bone, technically not part of the pelvic girdle