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Electromagnetic waves carry this from one place to another


Electromagnetic waves have vibrating electrical and magnetic ________


One group of radio waves with the highest frequency are


Photographs taken using heat are called

Visible Light

Light that can be seen by humans


Visible light is essential for this which is the process by which green plants make food


The central core of an atom


Rays that cannot be seen by humans but can be seen by some insects


A layer of _____ in the atmosphere that absorbs most of the sun's harmful UV rays before they reach earth

Infrared rays

All objects give off these


The building blocks of all matter


An E.W. is also a _________ wave


Amplitude Modulation


Frequency Modulation

Electromagnetic Spectrum

E.W. are often arranged in order of wavelength and frequency this is called the _________ ____________

Luminous objects

Anything that gives of its own light is a

Illuminated objects

An object that can be seen because it is illuminated


The positively charged particles in the nucleus


Particles inside the nucleus of an atom with no charge


The negatively charged particles surrounding the nucleus of the atom are the

Radar waves

Are used to monitor airplane positions locate ships at sea and track storms


A space free of all particles


Variation in a wave

Radio waves

The waves with the lowest frequency and longest wavelength are these

Gamma waves

A medical patient can be injected with a fluid that emits these waves in order to be observed


Most energy from exploding stars are given as these


Infrared rays cannot be seen but can be interpreteded as heat

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