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In what state is the Everglades National Park located?


In what state is Glacier National Park located?


In what state is Grand Canyon National Park located?


In what state is Yellowstone National Park located?


In what state is Yosemite National Park located?



Taking care of natural resources


A person who takes care of national forests


Unwanted or useless materials


People who take care of wildlife and the environment


Places where there are no farms, towns, or cities and where very few, if any, people live

Sierra Club

A club that helps protect the environment

What kind of land does Yosemite have that Gulf Islands doesn't have?


How is the bison like the elephant seal?

They are alike because they were both endangered and their populations have increased

What's one way Theodore Roosevelt helped our national forests and parks?

He created more national forests

What's the problem at Yosemite and a solution the Park Service used to solve it?

Too many traffic jams (solution: one-way roads), Too much litter (solution: make fines for polluting)

What are the two bodies of Congress?

Senate and House of Representatives

What is the river next to Theodore Roosevelt Island as well as the city in which the park is located?

The Potomac River in Washington, DC

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