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hair 101 final study guide

Pressing combs with more space between the teeth produce a
Course Press
Good-quality pressing combs are made from either
Stainless Steel or Brass
The hair type that is very resistant to hair pressing and requires more heat and pressure is
For a client with a flexible scalp, to press hair satisfactorily the stylist must apply
Enough Pressure
The press that removes 60 to 75 percent of the curl from hair is a
Medium Press
The thermal press that is accomplished by applying the comb twice on each side of the hair and removes 100 percent of the curl is a
Hard Press
The process of temporarily straightening extremely curly hair by the means of a heated comb is called
Hair Pressing
What part of the flat iron should be nearest to the stylist.
The inner edge of the iron
The kind of edges on flat irons that create
smooth, straight styles on very curly hair are
Straight edged
What bristle mixture does grooming brushes
have that add polish and shine to the hair
Boar and nylon
Large flat brushes with staggered pin patterns used for mid-to-longer hair lengths are
Paddle Brushes
The brushes used to blow-dry precision hair
cuts where little or no volume is desired is
The Classic Styling Brush
What angle should you hold the hair when
creating base curls with full volume
125 degrees
The styling technique of drying and styling damp hair in one operation is called
A Thermal-Style
A styling technique used to keep curly hair
smooth and straight while retaining shape is
Hair Wrapping
Combing small sections of hair from the ends toward the scalp to form a cushion at the base is known as
What is another term used for Back-Brushing
Hair Ruffing
How many times should the hair be wrapped around the roller to create curls when using rollers
Two and One half times (2+1/2)
The point where curls of opposite directions
meet forming a recessed area is called
An Indention
How should the clip be secured when using a roller
One end inside the roller the other out-side or under the roller
Where should you place a roller if you want the least amount of volume
The panel of hair which the roll is placed is
called the
The part of the pin curl you must NOT place the anchoring pin to, when avoiding an indentation
the Circle
Two rows of ridge curls on the side of a head
are called
Skip Waves
The inner most layer of hair, that the Medulla is composed of contain what shape of cells
The substance secreted by the sebaceous gland is
The pocket or tube-like depression in the scalp of skin that contains the hair root is the
The layer of transparent, scale like cells that look like shingles on a roof is called the
A temporary side bond that is easily broken by water and heat is called a
Hydrogen Bond
Disulfide bonds are broken by Hydroxide chemical relaxers are converted to
Lanthionine Bonds
The shape of the hair strand is described as the
Wave Pattern
A nonlining fiber, where the hair shaft emerges from the scalp, is composed of
Keratinized Protien
Short, fine and downy hair that helps evaporation of perspiration is
Vellus Hair
The result of follicles slopping in the same direction and making hair flow in the same directions forms the
Hair Stream
Fungal infection characterized by red papules or spots at the opening of the hair folicle
Tinea Capitis
When building weight in a haircut, hair should be held below what degree
Ninety (90)
Section of hair determining the length hair will be cut is call the
Guide Line
The three main layers of the Hair Shaft are Medulla Cortex and
Most shampoos have in common, the second ingredient, the base detergent or
The two conditioning agents that restore moisture and elasticity to the hair shaft and boost shampoos are
Protien and Biotin
Hair that grows below the crest, or parietal, hangs because of
Nape area is defined as the area at the back part of the neck and sonsists of the hair below the
Occipital Bone
Smooth waves and uniform curls produced by pin curls are
Open-Center Curls
The curl that is placed completely off-base and allows the greatest mobility is the
Full-Stem Curl
Where should the roller be place when the least amount of volume is desired
Pin curls sliced from a shaping and formed without lifting the hair from the head are referred to as
Carved or Sculptured
The movement that, reduce volume, thins hair, with the bladed of the shears partially opened is called
Hair Slicing
The texturizing technique performed an athe ends of hair using the tips of the shears to remove bulk is called
Point- Cutting
The process of removing excess bulk without shortening the hair length is called
The visual line in a hircut where the ends of the hair hang together is called the
Weight- Line
The amount of movement in the hair strand is referred to as the
Wave Pattern
Hair Density is described as being
Thin, Medium, and Thick
Uniform work areas used for control during haircutting are called
The space between who lines or surfaces that intersect at a given point is called the
The location of the Four-Corners signal changes in the
Shape of the Clients head
A condition that is characterized by brittleness and the formation of nodular-swellings along the hair shaft is
Fragilitas Crinium
A small cone-shaped area located at the base of the hair follicle that fits into the hair bulb ut the
Dermal Papilla
Ridge curls are pin curls placed immediately behind or below a ridge to form a
Pin curls that produce waves that get smaller toward the end are
Closed-Center Curls
The techniqu used to layer very long hair and keep weight at the perimeter is
The hand position that is used most often when cutting uniform or increasing layers is
Over The Fingers
The best way to maintain control of a subsection of hair when cutting vertical or diagonal lines
The growth pattern is the direction in which hair grows from the scalp and is also called the
Natural falling position