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Where did the transfiguration take place?
While the Lord was on Mount Hermon with his disciples
Why did God cause Jesus' appearance to change?
To show the disciples that Jesus was God.
Who else appeared on the Mount of Transfiguration?
Moses and Elijah appeared also
What did these three men talk with Jesus about on the Mount?
The three talked about Jesus's coming deaths
Because Peter was astonished at the presence of these men, what did he suggest building?
he suggested building three small booths out of branches and leaves.
Who was the only one whose presence Peter should've wanted to celebrate?
The only one whose presence he should've wanted to celebrate was Jesus's
What mistake did Peter make?
Peter made the mistake of thinking too highly of 2 good men of God and not thinking highly enough of the Lord
What two things did God the Father do to help Peter and the others realize the primary importance of the Lord Jesus?
God the Father helped Peter and the others realize the primary importance of Lord Jesus by enveloping them in the cloud and saying;" this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased.(hear him)"
How do we know that Jesus actually died?
From the testimony of the people who buried him, the Testimony of the Roman Soldiers, and the Testimony of the Pharisees and Saducees
In how many verses does the New Testament refer to the death of Christ?
The New Testament refers to it in about 250 verses
In how many books of the New Testament is the death referred to?
It is referred to in 21 of the 27 books of the New Testament
How many times did Jesus predict his Own Death?
Jesus predicted his own death 19 times
Why is the death of Christ so important?
It was the price that had to be payed to free us from our sins
How do we know that Jesus actually rose from the dead?
From the testimony of the angels at the tomb, the testimony of the Roman soldiers at the tomb. The testimony of at least 10 eye witness accounts. From the testimony of the millions who have died for Jesus. From the testimony of the changed lives, from the Testimony of changed lives, and our own personal Testimony
Why is the resurrection so important?
If Christ is not risen, then we are still in our sins and going to hell. It is the final proof that Jesus is God. A dead man can't empower, lead, or pray for you but Christ does all these things, because he's risen from the dead
What are 4 things that lead to a proper relationship to God?
Spiritual Poverty, Mourning Meekness, and spiritual hunger all lead to a proper relationship to God
What will a person do only when he sees that he has nothing to offer to God spiritually?
Only when a person sees he has nothing to offer to God spiritually will he turn to Christ
What 2 things will happen the closer a person walks with God?
The more aware of his own sin he becomes and the more ready he is to seek God's forgiveness
What is the definition of Meekness?
the ability to submit intelligently, willingly, and humbly towards authority
What is one of the great evidences of a persons salvation?
An ever growing desire to know God better
What are the 3 things that lead to a proper relationship with other people?
The three things are Mercy, Purity, and Peacemaking
What does Mercy mean?
Mercy means treating others better than they deserve
What did the term peace mean to a Jew?
To a Jew peace means having the very best life possible
What are the uses of salt?
It acts as a preservative and adds flavor
What lesson do we learn about the influence of believers when Jesus compares us to salt?
The world is just like a dead rotting body, and sin is like the germs that cause the body to rot. Our influence will hopefully keep sin from continuing to spread
What general information did we give about light?
Light is only effective if it can be see. If light is visible, no amount of darkness can keep it from being seen, No matter how small the light is. In fact the greater the darkness the brighter the light will be.
What are the uses of light?
it shows you where to go, and makes it easier to see.
Who were the Scribes?
They told what the Law of Moses meant
What were the Pharisees dedicated to?
They were dedicated to keeping their own Law
What did the Sadducees believe?
They believed only what they could see
What was the purpose of the Law?
The purpose of the Law of Moses was to show us how sinful we are
What is the Scripture passage that tells us that one of the standards of spiritual maturity as a believer is honesty?
the Scripture passage is Matthew 5:33-37
What does taking an oath to prove your honesty suggest about you?
It suggests that your not normally honest and that if you want people to believe what you say, you have to promise that its true
What is the Scripture passage tells us that the third high standard for maturity as a believer is to love your enemies which would include any who speak and act against you?
the Scripture passage is Matthew 5:43-48
Instead of hating the people who are your enemies which would include any who speak and act against you, what 3 things should you do?
Say good things about them, Treat them with kindness, and pray for them
What are the 3 reasons you should do the 3 things mentioned in question 35 instead of hating your enemies?
God loves his enemies which he shows by sending rain and sunshine, for both the saved and the unsaved. If the only people you treat kindly are your own friends and relatives your no different from the unsaved. God rewards those who love their enemies.
Prayer is not just something else you do because your a Christian-
It is the most important thing you'll ever do in your Christian life
Don't pray just so people-
will think your a good Christian
Don't say words-
just to say words
What is a hypocrite?
Someone who acts like something they are really not
What are the 3 steps of the model prayer in order?
1.Thank God for something he has done
2. Pray for the needs of others
3. And pray for your own needs
What was the Scripture reference where Jesus first talked about trying to store up large sums of money and material goods.
the Scripture is Matthew 6:19-24
What were the 2 reasons for why it is a better idea to store up treasure in heaven instead of on earth?
He warned that Material wealth is not permanent, and what you value most tends to control you
What is the Scripture reference that showed the second major thing that Jesus knew could confuse a person about priorities is to worry about the basic necessities of life?
the Scripture reference is Matthew 6:25-34
What are the 5 reasons why we shouldn't worry about things like food and clothing?
1.Life consists of more than just food and clothes for the body.
2. God takes care of animals as insignificant as birds, so he will certainly take care of us
3. Worrying about life's necessities won't solve the problem anyways.
4. Jesus said that if God bothers to make the lilies grow one day and die the next, certainly he'll see to it that you have the clothes you need
5. If you worry about the basic necessitites of lifee then you are acting just like the unsaved people who have no heavenly father that cares for them
What kind of judging does the Lord command us not to do?
Harsh, Negative, destructive criticism.
Why shouldn't we judge in the way mentioned in the answer to question 46?
Its has no benefit and it only hurts the person being criticized. It encourages others to retaliate with their own negative fault finding. Many times we judge someone before all the facts are known, and then it may be to late to restore the misjudged persons reputation
We said that there is nothing wrong with judging as long as we meet what conditions?
1.Your judgement or criticism should be between you and thee person you feel is wrong
2. Your judgement or criticism is honestly meant to help and not hurt
3. Make sure that you are also dealing with your own weaknesses and not acting like you alone are faultless
When Jesus was teaching about spiritual birth, what did Nicodemus assume Jesus was talking about at first?
The Lord was explaining spiritual birth to Nicodemus who was puzzled by this teaching and assumed that Jesus was talking about a second physical birth
What did Jesus use to illustrate the meaning of salvation?
By referring to the brass serpent Moses had made when Israel was in the wilderness.
What are some of the truths about the New Birth we can learn from Jesus' conversation with Nicodemus?
1. Just knowing about God and religion isn't enough and you must experience spiritual birth yourself for it to matter
2. Faith in Christ is what brings spiritual birth
3. People are sinners by nature and prove that they deserve judgement by their evil words and deeds
What does the term WORLD describe?
This describes life without God, and people who are in rebellion to God
What does Jesus mean when he says that Christians are to be separate from the world?
That you are not to be involved in the evil in the world
How can a Christian remain pure and holy in this world?
You can read and obey the Bible
Why doesn't God just take Christians out of the World once they are saved so they won't be tempted?
The world needs the gospel and we are the ones who are supposed to share it with them
What Scripture reference tells that Hell was prepared for the Devil and his angels?
Matthew 25:41
What Scripture reference tells that there is physical pain and screaming in Hell?
Matthew 13:38-42
What Scripture reference tells that body and soul will be present in Hell?
Matthew 10:28
What Scripture reference tells that the fire and torment in hell are constant and everlasting?
Revelation 14:9-11
What Scripture reference tells us that the anti-Christ and the false prophet are cast alive into Hell?
Revelation 19:20
What Scripture reference tells us that the devil will eventually be in Hell?
Revelation 20:10
What Scripture reference tells that the unsaved people will be in Hell also?
Revelation 20:11-15
What 3 things do we learn about Hell from Luke 16:19-31?
1. People have memory there
2. You can possibly see heaven from Hell
3.No one can go from heaven to hell or hell to heaven