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Giorgio Vasari


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Color isn't as important as drawing or composition

Disegno: "segno di Dio;" linear composition is the highest and most intellectual part of art
Immaculate Conception, Florence, 1540
8 putti; whatever Eve damned, Maria will solve with grace; Mary wearing a star (praised as the "star of the sea"); has devil at her heel (overcoming it); standing on crescent moon (depiction from the North); clothed in and backed up by the sun (imagery connects her to Revelation)

Mary as a new Eve: tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, with serpent wound up around it

Men at bottom are like in "Christ in Limbo"; man in red is St. John the Baptist; his banner says "Agnus Dei"

Virgin has to exist in order for Jesus to be born

Emotionally cold; re-uses things that were already invented
Le Vite
history of the past 200 years of artistic production in Florence; coined the term "renascita;" held a very high opinion of Giorgio Vasari
Studiolo, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, 1570