33 terms

likes & dislikes

I'm addicted
to (dancing)
I have a passion for
I have a passion
for (tango)
I'm attracted to
I'm crazy
I despise
I enjoy
I appreciate
I detest
I adore
I don't mind
(doing the housework)
I'm addicted to
I love
(learning new things)
I can't stand
I'm crazy about
I like
(a positive attitude in people)
I don't like
(going to fast food restaurants)
I have
a weakness for
I adore
I can't stand
(judgmental people)
I hate
(being disorganised)
it bores me
it scares me
it leaves me cold
it makes me sad
it makes me cry
it makes me laugh
it makes me sleepy
I'm a fan
of (chess)
I'm fond
of (you)
I'm interested in
I prefer A to B
(cooking to washing the dishes)
I'm totally into
(new technologies)