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19 terms

Science 1B

a mineral that can be cut and polished for use
an inorganic substance found naturally in the earth
something made of things that have never been alive
minerals form from
cooled melted rocks or hot gases or when dissolved substances separate from water
diamonds & rubies
strongest (hardest) minerals
the Mohs scale
ranks minerals by how hard they are
some minerals are also
minerals are found...
on the surface of the earth or buried in rocks or veins in the earth's crust
precious stone
a gemstone that is beautiful and rare; ex: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds...
semiprecious stone
less valuable and more common than precious stones
gemstones are used in...
jewelry, art, ornaments, weapon handles, watches...
minerals are used in...
toothpaste, fertilizer, dry wall, pottery, electronics, glass, foods, drinks, medicines, and paints
the breaking of a mineral along smooth, straight lines or into flat sheets
the color of a mineral that you see
crystal structure
the structure that results from the orderly arrangement of the particles that make up a mineral
the breaking of a mineral unevenly in many directions
refers to how easily a mineral resists scratching or how easily it can scratch other minerals
the way a mineral reflects the light
the color of the mark made when a sample is rubbed on a harder surface