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a mineral that can be cut and polished for use

cubic zirconia

synthetic (man-made)

diamonds & rubies

strongest minerals

some minerals are also



usually located in rocks called ores

makes metal useful

strong yet easy to bend; shape that can be hammered or flattened; does not rot like wood; is lightweight

precious stone

a gemstone that is beautiful and rare; ex: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds...

igneous rock

formed from volcanic magma or lava

metamorphic rock

formed by heat and pressure deep below the earth's crust

sedimentary rock

formed when layers of sediment and organic material harden

igneous rock examples

obsidian; pumice

metamorphic rock examples

marble; slate

sedimentary rock examples

conglomerate; limestone


a hard, natural substance made of one of more minerals and sometimes organic materials


a rock that forms from decayed plant matter

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