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Max Useable

4,484 lbs.

Max Useable (Main)

1,621 lbs.

Max Useable (Aux)

621 lbs.

Max Imbalance

200 lbs.

Yellow Arc

0 to 363 lbs. (No takeoff Range)

Fuel Weight

6.7 lbs. per gallon

Approved Fuel

Commercial Grades: Jet A, Jet A-1, Jet B (When using Jet B, operations is prohibited above 8000 feet if either standby pump is inoperative)

Emergency Fuels

80 Red, 100LL Blue, 91/96, 115/145 Purple, 100 Green

Fuel System Limitations

1. Fuel in Aux tanks must be used first, except in the event of an Aux transfer failure
2. Takeoff with fuel quantity indicators in the yellow arc are prohibited
3. Operation of either engine with its corresponding fuel pressure (L/R FUEL PRESS LO) illuminated is limited to 10 hours before over-haul or replacement of engine driven fuel pump (time does not include windmilling)

AVGAS Limitations

1. Operation is limited to 150 hours between engine overhauls
2. Operation is prohibited if either standby pump is inoperative
3. Operation above 18,000 feet is prohibited
4. Standby pumps must be on for Takeoff & Landing

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