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Used ScoreBuilder 2008 pg218

Conventional (High Rate) TENS

50-100Hz, 20-100usec, 10-30mA

Acupuncture-like (Low Rate) TENS

1-4Hz, 100-200usec, 30-80mA

Pulse Burst

70-100Hz/burst, 40-75usec, 30-60mA

Brief Intense (High-Intensity)

70-100Hz/burst, 150-200usec, 30-60mA


Hz or pps


usec or pulse width



Conventional (High Rate) TENS

Relief of acute or chronic pain; Based on the Gate Theory

Acupuncture-like (Low Rate) TENS

Chronic conditions with longer lasting pain relief

Pulse Burst TENS

Stimulation of endogenous opiates

Brief Intense (High-Intensity)

Pain relief for painful procedures such as wound debridement, deep friction massage, or passive stretching

Conventional (High Rate) TENS

High frequency, Short pulse width, Low intensity

Acupuncture-like (Low Rate) TENS

Low frequency, Wide pulse width, Higher intensities

Brief Intense TENS

High frequency, Long pulse width, Higher intensities

Muscle Strengthening

30-50Hz, 250usec to produce firm contractions

Conventional (High Rate) TENS

Sensory stimulation only, primarly affects the large afferent (A) fibers

TENS Contraindications

Pacemaker; Applied over the carotid sinus, eyes, mucosal surfaces, breaks in the skin; Pregnant patients; Epilepsy;

Lumbar Traction

25-50% of body weight; 50% of body weight for vertebral seperation

Cervical Traction

20-25lbs to get vertebral seperation

Electrode Placement for Shoulder Subluxation

Supraspinatus and Posterior Deltoid

Electrode Placement for Foot Drop

Ankle Dorsiflexors and Evertors during Swing

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