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Project Management Planning project, Part 1

An introduction to Project management, 3rd edition by Kathy Schwalbe
What can project teams create to help promote teamwork and clarify team communications
a team contract
The main purpose of project Planning is to?
obtain funding for the project
Project teams develop a_______to corrdinate all other project plans
project mangement plan
A _______is a deliverable-oriented grouping of the work involved in a project that defines the total scope of the project.
A _____is a task at the lowest level of the WBS that represents the level of work that the project manager uses to monitor and control the project.
Work package
What is the first step in planning a project schedule
developing an activity list
What is the most common type of dependency between activites?
The_______method is a network diagramming technique used to predict total project duration.
Crititcal path
What cost estimateing techinque uses project characteristitcs in a mathematical model to estimate project costs?
Parametric modeling
A________is a time-phased budget that project managers use to measure and monitor cost performance.
Cost performance Baseline
A __________________ is a condition or capability that must be met or possessed by a system, product, service, result, or component to satisfy a contract, standard, specification, or other formal document.
What task was on the critical path for building Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park?
growing grass
The entire project is called level _________ in a WBS.
You develop a WBS by analyzing a similar project. You are using the _________ approach.
Project teams often create a ____________ to ensure that all major activities are accounted for.
milestone list
You estimate the cost to get a masters degree by considering factors like the quality of the institution, how long it will take, if you will work while studying, etc. What cost estimation technique are you using?
parametric modeling
What is the formula for determining a PERT weighted average?
(optimistic time + 4 x most like time + pessimistic time)/6
(T/F)Project planning includes tasks for every single knowledge area.
(T/F)A team contract can be used to help promote teamwork and clarify team communications as part of the planning process.
(T/F)The PERT weighted average formula takes the optimistic time plus pessimistic time plus 6 times the most likely time all divided by 6.
(T/F)Work breakdown structure tasks that are decomposed into smaller tasks are called work packages
(T/F)In order to use critical path analysis, you need to estimate the costs for tasks.
(T/F)Estimating the cost to build a house based on the price per square foot is an example of analogous estimating.
(T/F)Growing grass was on the critical path for Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park.
(T/F)A work breakdown structure can be shown in chart form, like an organizational chart, or tabular form, like an indented list.
(T/F)Several methods for collecting requirements include interviews, questionnaires, and prototype
(T/F)A baseline is a starting point, a measurement, or an observation that is documented so that it can be used for future comparison
______A standard format for displaying project schedule information by listing project activites and thier corresponding start and finsih dates in a calendar format.
Gantt charts
____A scheduling technique used to calculate an activity's late start and late finish.
Backward Pass
____A schduling technique used to calculate an activit's early start and early finish. the forward pass bust be completed before the project duration can be determined.
Forward pass
____the longest path through a newtwork diagram scheule, which includes those activites that have zero days of float. The critical path determines the overall project duration.
Crititcal path
______A schematic display of the logical relationships among, or sequencing of, project activities
Network Diagram.
____A technique that uses project characterisitics(parameters) in a mathematical model to estimate project costs.
Parametiric modeling
_____A network diagramming technique in which boxes represent activities.
Precedence diagramming
____A deliverable-oriented grouping of the work involved in a project that defines the total scope of the project.
Work breakdown structure
____The amount of time an activity may be delyed without delaying a suceeding activity or the project finish date.
Float or Slack
____the estimates that use the actural cost of a previous, similar project as the basis for estimating the cost of the current project.
analogous estimates, or top-down estimates
____Additional time to complete a task, added to an estimate to account for various factors
____ A technique for making cost and schedule trade-offs to obtain the greatest amount of schedule compression for the least incremental costs.
____the series of activites that determine the earliest time by wich the project can be completed; it is the longest path through the network diagram and has the least amount of slack or flost
Critical path
___An estimate that includes an optimistic, most likely, and pessimistic estimate
Three-point estimate
What are the two most commmon types of schedules used in consturction?
Gantt chart and the network diagram
Name two techniques used to create a network diagram
Activity -on-arrow method and the activity-on-node method.
What is another name for the activity-on node(AON) network diagram?
precedence diagram.
What are the three stages of network diagram devleopment?
Planning stage, the sequencing stage, and the scheduling stage
three diffrent types of activites that are included in the typical schedule, and give an example of each.
Production activites(eg. installing siding), Procurement activites(eg. ordering windows)
Adminsitrative activites(eg. obtaining building permit)
What is the critical path and why is it important from a project mangement standpoint?
The critical path is the continuous chain of activites with the longet(combined) overall duration in the network diagram. Critical path determined the project duration and nay dely in any activity along the critial path results in a delay in overall project.
Three calcualtion that must be performed to determin the project duration and the critical path are the _____,_____ and the total___calcualtions
Forward pass, backward pass, float
After you complete a forward and backward pass, how do you know which activites are on the criitcal path?
The activites that have no total float will be the activites on the critical path.