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The process by which an organism's internal environment is kept stable in spite of changes in the external environment is called

nervous tissue

Messages are carried back and forth between the brain and other parts of the body by

skeletal system

Which organ system makes blood cells?

muscle tissue

Which type of human body tissue can contract, or shorten?

the functions of the skeletal system

enables you to move, protects your organs, produces blood cells, and fores minerals and other until your body needs them

by making bones grow stronger and denser

How does exerise help main healthy bones?

cardiac muscle

Which type of muscle is found only in the heart?

skeletal muscle

Which type of muscle tires quickly during exercise?

while one muscle in the pair contracts, the other returns to its original length

How do pairs of skeletal muscle work together?

muscle cells can only contract.

Skeletal muscle must work in pairs because

The skin protects the body from

disease keeping disease-causing microorganisms from entering the body.

Nerves and blood vessel in the skin are located in the



The bones that form the backbone are called

exercise regularly and include calcium in your diet

What is the best way to prevent osteoporosis?

The pigment melanin in the skin functions to

help protect the skin from sunburn.

The functions of the digestive systems are

to break down food, absorb nutrients, and eliminate undigested wastes from the body.


What structures enables the small intestine to absorb to large amounts of nutrients?

water is adsorbed from undigested food

Which process takes place in the large intestine?


The energy your body needs from


What carbohydrate helps your digestive system function even though your body cannot digest it?


What substance in the mouth contains an enzyme that begins chemicals digestion?


What process involves muscle contraction that move food through the esophagus?


What substance coats and protects the inside of the stomach?

small intestine

In what part of the body does most chemicals digestion take place?


The process in which your body breaks down food into small nutrient molecules is called


The liver produces


Which nutrients is needed in order for all body processes to take place?

the functions of the cardiovascular system include:

transporting cells that attack disease- causing microorganisms;
carrying oxygen, glucose, and other needed materials to cells;
carrying watse products away from cells


Needed substance are carried to the body cells by

the functions of the atria is

to receive blood that comes into the heart.


blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart are called

it contains little oxygen and a lot of carbon dioxide.

When blood flows into the right atrium from the body,

the blood and the body cells.

In the capillaries materials are exchange between


If a person's blood lacked platelets, what process could not take place?

it returns to the blood through the lymphatic system.

What eventually happens to fluid that leaks from capillaries into thye surrounding tissues?

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