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What were the causes of the Cold War?

What were the causes of the Cold War?
-Stalin didn't keep the agreements he had made with the Western Allies about holding free elections after the war in countries occupied by the Soviet Army.

-This scared the West, who believed that Stalin would try to take over the world by force - Communist ideology clearly stated Communism would inevitably take over the entire world eventually, by force if necessary

-The Americans didn't tell Stalin about the Manhattan Project, the building of the A- bomb. After using A-bombs successfully against Japan, USA refused to share the technology with USSR.

-This scared the Russians, who thought USA may start a new war, against them, using A-bombs.
the second front
Stalin desired for US to create this, would distract Germans from the fighting in Russia, declined by FDR twice before D-Day. June 6th 1944.
joint expeditionary force
A combat force composed of all four of the U.S. armed forces: the Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and Navy
capitalist encirclement
A term coined by Joseph V. Stalin to indicate that the Soviet Union was surrounded by capitalist states pursuing political, military, and economic policies aimed at weakening and destroying the Soviet regime.
Cold War
A state of political rivalry and tension existing between the Western Allies (favoring democratically elected governments and independent European states) and the Soviet Union (striving for a Soviet-influenced bloc of communist countries). Characterized by mutual distrust, espionage, the stockpiling of weapons, and a race to develop technologies, this struggle for global supremacy lasted for more than forty years.